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Justin Wayne Dating serves to not be an authority on relationship and pickup matters as other sites want to claim. Instead it does something better: Serving the wide array of logical men who wish to know the madness in attracting and keeping quality women in their life, Justin Wayne Dating is devoted to the truth through consistency in success and quality of results with stranger approach and beyond. After Graduating from Duke University, he began to dominate in the Finance field with his superior mathematic background. After great success, he decided to take his talents and ideas to start his own line of businesses. Due to his demanding schedules, he was unable to dedicate time for women especially after moving to New York City where he no longer had an established social circle and had to resort to meeting women as strangers.

YouTube “seduction artist” has made a business out of filming women with hidden cameras

How much would you pay for three hours of private tutelage with Justin Wayne, Dating Coach? Oh, you thought that Bikram Zumba Cycle instructor worked you hard? That's child's play! You paid for three hours, and you're not leaving until you're having sex with a stranger on top of the heirloom tomato cart at the local farmer's market. Justin Wayne not his real name grew up in the Caribbean, where the community was so small you couldn't hit on women without earning a reputation.

He moved to New York, where you can act like a homeless guy one day and put on a business suit the next day, and no one will know his analogy. He started sleeping with hundreds of women, including a few unnamed celebrities, and people started asking for advice. He says many of his clients are in their twenties and thirties, that a lot of them are perfectly cool dudes who, for whatever reason, just aren't having the success that they would like.

Justin says he differentiates himself because many of his clients are guys who have dated and slept with 9s and 10s again, his words but are looking to become more consistent in their approach of women. Justin will take you to a public place like, yes, the local farmer's market , where he will not let you even begin the coaching session until you have completed at least five "warm-ups.

A "result" can be anything from a phone number to a kiss to simply a pleasant conversation. After warm-ups, you'll move onto "Escalation Drills," or interactions with a female that include flirting, which manifests itself in some form of touching. I met Justin's client for the day, whom we'll call Alec. Alec just went through a tough break-up, so to help him get through his funk, he shelled out "over a thousand dollars. Anyway, Alec is a cool dude.

When he met me, he said, "Hey, what's up, man, I'm Alec. He did not seem socially inept by any standard. So why did this perfectly ept dude need to pay someone to help him meet ladies? Justin told Alec to begin his warm-ups, and Alec's face contorted into a terrified expression I hadn't seen since Patrick Wilson in The Conjuring. But Mr. Wilson himself would have commended Alec for his brilliant portrayal of a guy who was clearly about to have a nervous breakdown.

Anyone within feet could sense that this guy wanted nothing more than to crawl into a hole filled comfort food, pornography this hole has great wi-fi , and a signed affidavit claiming he'd never have to do this exercise again. Justin took mercy on Alec and joined him. Holy crap he was good at this. One particularly effective opening line he used was: Like, really fresh?

The woman paused to think about it. If Justin were a burglar, that tiny pause was her doggie door. Just enough room to squeeze in and start chatting her up. I couldn't believe what I was watching. This is New York City. You can't make it from 42nd Street to 42nd-and-a-half Street without being asked "Wanna see a comedy show? People never stop and talk to someone. Justin then demonstrated another daring tactic: Not on its own. But try it on a woman who isn't wearing a scarf.

Is that idiotic? Is it borderline genius? I don't know, but goddammit it worked. Justin and his team have spent years tracking the stats on every single move in order to determine which one s will lead to the greatest success rates. The most successful physical move he showed me was the "Stop-Point. She is infinitely more likely pause and look where you're pointing.

It's good advice that Justin himself follows very closely. He's like the Heisenberg of dating — he plays by his own rules and he's got a dope pseudonym. After Justin showed Alec these seemingly simple moves, it was the student's turn to get behind the wheel. The word "yikes" came to mind several times. It was like watching the football team put on blonde wigs and skirts to cheer at the Powderpuff Game.

Technically, they are doing cheerleader moves, but it's a fumbling mess and no one feels good about themselves while bearing witness to it. One of Justin's top assistant coaches, Bruce, took over Alec's lesson. All coaches for Justin Wayne Dating are given their own Wayne family coaching pseudonyms, making this guy Bruce Wayne. Sadly, he was not wearing head to toe black leather.

Once Justin and I were alone ooh-la-la , he explained his philosophies on dating: A girl would prefer to date a 6 or a 7 from her social circle over a 10 from the street. That's why so many of his coaching sessions are "Stranger Approach. Justin and I curtailed our chat in order to check in on Alec. I started to suspect that Alec was a very convincing actor, hired to demonstrate the efficacy of the program. A lost deer in the forest of New York a mere 30 minutes ago, Alec was suavely chatting up a very attractive female.

Way to go, Alec! I'm actually deleting it right now. He says this with such authority that I'm inclined to believe him. Statistics can be a bitch. David Ingber is a writer living in New York. Read about his previous experience undergoing dating coaching here. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Post-"I Do" Blues? Yeah, It's a Thing. Independent Pictures. I'm only kinda kidding. The session started, and I had my answer soon enough.

OK, I only saw the trailer. That movie looked terrifying. As a reminder: Woman after woman. Doggie door after doggie door. I'm not even wearing a scarf! Two-second window. Bow wow. Success for a man, per Justin Wayne, means sex. Yet it feels a bit devious and manipulative. Kenyan marathoners train at altitude.

Serious daters hit on strangers. Conspiracy theory alert! Photo Credit: Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Admit It: You Love Gross Dudes.

Justin Wayne Dating serves to not be an authority on relationship and pickup During his journey, he was introduced to future dating coach, Justin Wayne and. Learn HOW to Attract and Seduce Women.

The short underdog s. The enlightened. While some may see us as the crazy outsider ones, I see enlightened soldiers metaphorically.

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How much would you pay for three hours of private tutelage with Justin Wayne, Dating Coach? Oh, you thought that Bikram Zumba Cycle instructor worked you hard? That's child's play!

The Bizarre and Devious Tricks Men Use to Pick Up Women

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What you need to focus on as a man and some common mistakes to avoid to ensure you are able to meet and attract a sexy soulmate to fall in love with and who loves you back. How to determine if you should set an instant date that begins the moment you meet someone, set a date for a day and time that is convenient for both of you in the future or if you should get a phone number to later call them to set a date in the future. What you should do when you are not doing very well with online dating where most women you contact either ignore you or you have a hard time getting a first date with the ones who do respond. What you should do when you start telling a woman you are dating that you are falling in love with her and she promptly tells you that you are not a good match and breaks up with you. Why focusing on becoming a better version of yourself after a breakup will help you move on, become more attractive to members of the opposite sex and put yourself in the best possible position to help you re-attract your ex and get a second chance. Why every man needs to plan for and think about the logistics of creating an opportunity for sex to happen before planning a date to make a successful seduction possible. Women fall in love slowly over time provided you do more things right than you do wrong to raise her level of romantic interest in you. Women also fall out of love slowly over time. That is why most guys who get unexpectedly dumped never see it coming.

Read More. Bruce Wayne, one of our Dating Coaches, documents his journey coaching with our head coach Justin Wayne.

This is really amazing: Deepak tells you in real time what to say, what to do. Experience what it is like to be elite with women. Save years of trial and error as well as frustrated nights alone.

Shocking “369” Students Laid – Pull Daygame (Testimonial Below)

Its being updated for my exclusive legit version so you have updates for life. The bootcamp is tailored for you and you only. Everyone learns a different bootcamp based on your weaknesses. Lots of youtube live videos coming soon so you can learn the strategy of game. If you want to learn the tactics, its in the online group coaching section for my inner circle. Ever wondered why my game was so different and so transferable? These underground guys were naturals and players. Daygame is the hardest and the highest expression of skills. Hi, welcome to the testimonial section. Your odds of getting laid,. Vancouver, moved to Toronto. Student 3 is a tall white guy.

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