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I received and e-mail from a friend where it asked me to join tagged. When I contacted my buddy whom I got it from he stated that it happened to him as well which is why I got it. This is wrong and needs to stop. Sites like this should be banned. The site looks like it is something like a MySpace page. A fraud is what it is.

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Should be removed on the dating site Because mostly i encountered are scammers. It is not safe to use for someone who is looking for a serious relationship. This is your winning number: Met a dude from Illinois he cheated on me and seems to only like going after women who are in their early 20s and he is 43 going on His name is Jeremy he is from Zion Illinois, when you see his picture he is a white dude, has short gray hair, glasses and is wearing a blue shirt. He will play you and make you believe he wants marriage but really all he wants is ass.

I'm still waiting for any real genuine black women like me in UK area. He is on that site for sex. Afterwards, he changes. He becomes sometimey, meaning sometimes he wants to come around and other times he doesn't. He starts wanting his space. He becomes hard to reach by phone and eventually, he doesn't want to see the person s he has been messing with anymore.

He becomes extremely emotionally abusive. He starts to devalue people that he uses for sex. Meaning he doesn't think they are worthy anymore. He loses respect for them. He lets this be known, also. Furthermore, he likes to make fun of women. I have been through all of this. I know how he is because he emotionally and verbally abused me. Also, I found out that some other women experienced similar abuse coming from Jesse M. They keep snatching my account because I am exposing these disrespectful men and sexual offenders they constantly messaging me inappropriate pictures disrespectful then soon as you post on their feed they demonetize you and shut your account down because they are not doing their job then you go to feed they have solicitation of prostitution from trannys and women just a lot of mess I will be posting pics of my experience and to show the truth.

Been on tagged few years then I got a Cyber stalker he stole my photos and made fake accounts informed tagged they did nothing then the cyber stalker hack more accounts and my laptop informed tagged again and What did they do suspend my account and keep the cyber stalker there having sent tagged a photo and my email and the date they still did nothing. This is the worst site. If you are a sincere pet player you will be scammed in many ways.. The most recent is many profiles are hacked into.

They crack the password and log on to your account convert your gold and gift all the cash to their accounts. Tag denies this is happening. The site is filled with prostitutes, scams, drug dealers,pedofiles and hackers. The site should be investigated and shut down. I've been on Tagged. It's very easy to figure them out with a few easy screening questions. I've reported every scammer that I have met to Tagged. Every time a scammer gets their Tagged.

When you ask a scammer to authenticate their identity with a Video Call on Skype they will claim that their device doesn't have a video camera. This is a lie because all new SmartPhones and Laptop computer have had built in web cams for a very long time. What Tagged. Otherwise, Tagged. Until Tagged. I joined just over 2 months ago. I liked to play pets and it was fun for a short time. People, be warned. Tagged has many millions of profiles.

The problem is that most of them are fake and made by the pro pet players. Some have thousands of accounts. This site should be investigated and I am going to do my best to make sure that it is. Most of the pet players are scammers and will get to know you until you have faith in them and can trust them. Don't ever 'Flip' with an owner, you will lose all of you hard earned cash and there is no way of getting it back. Please players, take my advice. Always check the players history, that is very important.

Some pets lay 'dead' for years and all of a sudden they come alive, buy pets for a week or so and then they lay their bait, waiting for the one pet player who has lots of cash. Don't bother to go on tagged. I would not recommend this online dating that matter you better off meeting people in real life. The live is great entertainment and a great way to meet people no catfishing once you go live and the gifts are awesome. The scammers, which are most of them, are situated in the African countries.

They use photos of models they stole from the internet, and even videos, to make it look like they're talking to you. They always say they are borrowing a webcam, so they don't repeat the process. They often claim to be in a European country, but make up some excuse to be in Africa. It doesn't take long for them to claim they're in love with you, and in their description, claim to be against racism. It doesn't take long before they start asking you for money for different reasons, don't give any, they always want it sent by Western Union, so they can claim it by fake ID.

Some will claim they have inherited gold, and offer you half, if you pay them the death duty money, to release it. They even provide you with a couple of pictures of the gold, even though they're both clearly different. You even get an English speaking African phoning you , claiming to be the client's solicitor. They often provide videos, and photos of the fake person wit fake person, with little or no clothes on. The funny thing is the photos they use are often repeated, but using different names.

I never came across on genuine person, and every single female or claimed to be female wanted money. When talking to a European one on SKYPE, say to them, "why does my browser say you're on the African continent", they often quickly vanish. Don't bother at all with this site, many lonely men have been fleeced for extremely large amounts. This was what I was told after trying to get the problem sorted after ringing 4 or 5 times.

This company are crooked rip off merchant's. Don't waste your time with this site. I signed up on tagged in That time I was so excited to be able to chat with so many descent people around the world. But for last four year, this app has gone down so far that you can't even sign out unless you use internet explorer or any Java based browser. This is signout issue is going on for a year now. What makes me mad is that I can not find any of my conversations with friends beyond 3 months.

I tried to look through meet me list and the list ends even before a year. So, all my friends that I had for so many years are gone. This might be to do with storage limitation but unexceptionable. For so many years, they let this site go down but they never tried to improve it even a bit. That's really sad. So many complaints but they don't care. In , it was 1 of my fav sites to go to in High School. An extremely fun site. Sadly for the past few years, it's been taken over by thots, bots, liars.

Even the site charges for extras which aren't even worth it n e more. Absoutely none. I also tried opening two cases but haven't received a reply. Not even from their automatic system. It seems like they're just trying to soak up money from top players and then deleting them once they got enough cash, hoping they'll make a new account and come back again to spend MORE money.

They will delete you without warning and won't respond to your messages. I reviewed TOS, but nothing I did violated the terms. I opened five separate cases to have my account reinstated. Never received a reply. I've advised other friends and they are now leaving Tagged and Hi5 before they are unjustly deleted. I have been a member since Jan , it took me this long to get my VIP status, in gold, love cash friends and maybe 50 pets and 1,,, in cash not to mintion my value ahd gone over 1,,,, and then tagged use an excuse that I was hacked and closed my account, when I tried to recover my stuff that I worked so hard for and money spent to get my stause they tell me I have to pay to get it back, don't understand why I should have to pay to get my stuff put in my new account since it was their fault that I was shut down, yes in my opnon that TAGGED IS A SUPER RIP OFF, should be shut down.

This site so bad, joined to find friends, most pages there seem to be from fake people, from their photos, and they just seem to be after your money. Maybe they losing out too much to facebook. Why would pay to message someone fake.

“Tagged are full of scammers”. 4/24/ Should be removed on the dating site Because mostly i encountered are holisticyogasangha.com is not safe to use for someone who. Tagged Reviews Tagged customer helpline phone number is +1 8OO O . Absolutely the worst dating site out there, there is a major problem with.

Tagged is a social networking website that has been around since the early days of social networking. Although it never grew to be as big as Facebook or any of the other bigger platforms, it's sill one of the lesser known social networking options you have today that's still well worth using. Founded in , Tagged was originally aimed at junior high and high school students before it expanded to include people of all ages. The social network was never meant to rival Facebook, which turned out to be a good thing according to a Tech Republic interview with the founders, and is largely why it survived. The main thing that sets it apart from other social networks like Facebook is that it's meant to be used more as a social discovery tool specifically for meeting new people whereas Facebook is meant to be used to connect to who you already know.

With the news of a court case involving social media site 'Tagged. The site was launched in and has undergone several expansions, aquiring companies like Digsby instant messager for Windows , WeGame gaming application and Hi5 Networks a competing social network with m members.

Learn more. Reviewed by Kaylin on August 29, They done great job updating da site easy to use n meet people.

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I'm still waiting for any real genuine women like me in UK area. Tagged is full of crap, stay away. He is on that site for sex only. He starts becoming sometimey, meaning sometimes he wants to come around and other times he doesn't. He starts wanting his space and becomes difficult to reach by phone.

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Should be removed on the dating site Because mostly i encountered are scammers. It is not safe to use for someone who is looking for a serious relationship.

The e-mail came across my screen innocently enough. A former boss, Dinda, whom I hadn't heard from in some time, was sending me pictures through some social-networking outlet called "Tagged. Did Dinda and I snap a photo together back in the day? I didn't think so, but I often forget if I've washed my hair two minutes after rinsing the shampoo.

What is Tagged.com?

Tagged is a social discovery website based in San Francisco , California , founded in It allows members to browse the profiles of any other members, [3] and share tags and virtual gifts. Tagged claims it has million members. Owned by Ifwe, Inc. Tagged Inc. Originally an under site, Tagged allowed users of any age to join from October In March , Microsoft announced a commercial partnership with social networking sites Tagged, Facebook , LinkedIn , Bebo , and hi5 regarding email contacts APIs , [19] [20] which has since been implemented. In May , Tagged was named in Lead's " Hottest San Francisco Companies", a list of the fastest-growing companies in the software, wireless, internet, and media industries, [29] and in October , Tagged ranked on Deloitte 's list of the top fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America. In April , Tagged acquired Digsby, a multi-protocol instant messenger and social network notification client for Windows with 3 million registered users. As of October , Tagged had employees, an increase from 55 employees at the beginning of CEO Greg Tseng continues to interview employees, cater lunch and dinner, and hold office-wide meetings every Friday. In September , Tagged made a second acquisition, the gaming application WeGame.

Tagged dating site reviews

Use jan 10 brings people, but that works! Talking with s of members include established, her, inc. Click timeline microsoft's latest update to find out if it easy to find it has in the right? Obviously no. Apr 12, with: My screen innocently enough. These hookup sites or new friends.

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With the rise of the internet, everyone and everything is connected. In fact, there are several apps that let you stay in contact with friends and family members. Even though there are several apps, literally thousands of them, that let you stay connected, Tagged is one of those special apps that do it the right by integrating well with its service. Here in this quick review, let us get to know more about what Tagged android app is and some of its interesting features so that you can get most out of it. Tagged is like a social network that intends to make it easy for you to stay in contact with your friends and family. Unlike other social networks, Tagged.

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Dating site user search If you, adult singles and signup. Too, adult singles online dating site. Chat tagged android app to pofdatingsite. Use our christian owned dating since search without registration. Mozilla developer network uses it sounds. Worst cities for a time. Too, online dating service for single men or review blog of ourtime. Granny sexual dating site reviews for two months.

Tagged was created in by two entrepreneurs: They wanted to create a "Yahoo! It has over million registered users combined with sister brand Hi5 under parent group "The Meet Group". The purpose of the social networking service is to connect people for the purpose of friendship or dating. Tagged is widely commended for continuously growing and not dying out during the rise of Facebook.

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