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Kyoyado Okara (Guesthouse), Kyoto (Japan) Deals

For updated and greatly expanded free information on this subject, on our website go to "Historical Bibliographies and Sourcebooks on Soy," then click on the corresponding subject. A lengthy digital book will appear in PDF format. It is searchable using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Okara or soy pulp is the insoluble carbohydrate residue that is left over after the production of soymilk or tofu. Soy bran is finely pulverized dry soybean hulls. Okara pronounced oh-KAR-uh is a Japanese word, and the general or generic term for the product.

The Japanese, in line with their ancient tradition of honoring even the simplest and most humble of foods, form this word by placing the honorific prefix o before the word kara , which means "shell, hull, or husk. When the Japanese refer to okara as an ingredient in cooking, they often call it unohana after Deutzia scabra , a tiny white flour that grows in thick clusters on briar bushes and blossoms in the spring.

This reflects okara's potentially light, almost fluffy nature, like grated coconut. A final name, not widely used, is tofu kasu "tofu residue". Thus this one substance can have many names, depending on the usage or context. In Chinese, okara is most widely known in pinyin as douzha "soy lees" , which is a condensation of another less widely used term doufu zha "tofu lees".

It is also called doufu zha-tsu "child of tofu lees". In Indonesian, the widely used okara is called ampas tahu "tofu residue". In Filipino it is sapal , in Korean it is piji , in Thai it is tau-hu tor , and in Vietnamese it is?? Okara has been called by remarkably large number of names in English, perhaps because there is no food or substance exactly like it but many somewhat like it. It has been known variously as "tofu cakes" Kellner , "tofu cake or kara" Oshima , "the residue from soymilk" Morse a, Jordan , "kirazu or tofu residue" Miller , "the residue left from making soymilk" Van Gundy , "bean pulp or mash" Whiteman and Keyt , "the ground soybean pulp or mash left over after making soy milk" Morse and Cartter , "the residue pulp" Chen , and "the pulp or residue" Who??

Loma Linda Foods calls the product "soy fines. After several years of discussion on the merits of the terms "okara" and "soy pulp" the soyfoods industry in America ended up using both interchangeably, but tended to prefer the shorter Japanese term in preference to its easier-to-remember English counterpart. It was felt that "okara" was more neutral and inviting when used to describe foods, since terms like "pulp" and "residue" do not have appealing culinary connotations. In Europe after , the term "okara" came to be widely used.

It was das okara in German, le okara in French. Since the time of the earliest production of tofu or soymilk, the great majority of all okara in East Asia has always been used as livestock fodder, with a portion being used as an organic fertilizer. But some has always been used as food, with usage increasing in times of famine or food shortages.

Many Chinese tofu makers set up a small hog farm next to their tofu shop and use okara as their main source of hog fodder. Sauteed okara can also serve as a poor man's side dish with rice. It is also inoculated with Actinomucor elegans mold spores, and incubated for days to make cakes of the fermented food meitauza Translate?? Chinese term?? Shih ; see also Chapter Since early times okara has been the basis of a number of popular dishes, widely served in homes, and at restaurants and delicatessens.

The most popular of these is Unohana-iri , made by sauteing okara with diced vegetables, then simmering the mixture in a sweetened shoyu broth. These results were first published in English by Oshima in A very large proportion of the okara produced in Indonesia is used as food, particularly in the form of two very popular fermented foods: The earliest known reference to okara by A Westerner was by German Kellner in In his 2-page "Tofu Cakes," he gave its composition on a wet and dry basis, and discussed its use as a fodder and fertilizer.

Prinsen Geerligs , gave the nutritional composition of okara on a dry-weight basis. Bloch and Li Yu-ying and Grandvoinnet also reported on the nutritional composition, and found that it contained no starch. Li was the first to discuss its used as food, stating that okara could be dried and ground to form a food for human beings. Since he made soymilk and tofu in Paris, he may in fact have sold his okara for use as food.

The Lancet in England noted in an article on soymilk that okara had already been used for making a bread. Rouest recommended feeding both soymilk and the remaining okara to animals. The new breed of tofu shops that opened throughout Europe in the late s used okara in many of the ways described for their US counterparts below. United States. The earliest known reference to okara in the US was by the Japanese researcher Oshima in Jordan stated that okara made "an excellent base for muffins and even bread, when used in the proportion of one part to three or four parts of wheat flour.

Van Gundy in southern California made the first known commercial okara-based product in the US. Called Soy Spread, it came in a can and contained okara, salt, mace, and other seasonings. It had a soft consistency and was said to taste and smell like potted chicken. In Morse, of the USDA, mentioned that okara could be used in various Western-style recipes including rarebit Welsh rabbit; melted cheese poured over toast or crackers , stuffed green peppers, gingerbread, macaroons, and chocolate fudge.

He also noted that it could be ground to make a flour. In Madison Foods began making and marketing a "steaklike meat analog" called Vigorost, made from wheat gluten and okara or tofu , plus peanut meal and seasonings. Containing Also in Willis Miller made and marketed an okara spread in New York. In Dr. Harry W. Miller used the okara from his Soya-lac soymilk to make three popular ready-to-eat products: Soya Loaf, a seasoned mixture of okara and gluten; Soya Spread, seasoned okara; and Veja Links, the world's first meatless wiener, made of seasoned okara and wheat gluten, packed in a sausage casing.

If the product had been made 40 years later it might have been called "Soysage. The first studies of okara in its relationship to tofu making were published in by Smith, Watanabe, and Nash. The first modern nutritional studies on okara were done by Hackler and co-workers , They found that okara contained the highest quality protein as measured by PER Protein Efficiency Ratio of all soybean fractions tested. Values compared with milk protein 2. The first mention of okara used in tempeh production in a Western publication was in in KO Swan Djien's "Tempe, a Fermented Food From Soybeans," in which he mentioned that in Indonesia okara was sometimes mixed with soybeans in making tempeh in order to lower the price.

The Farm in Tennessee played an important role in creating American-style okara recipes and popularizing the use of okara in the US. In early they began to make soymilk on The Farm. Shortly thereafter they began to experiment with using the okara to make tempeh and other recipes. In they published a page booklet containing a description of okara they called it "soy pulp" and six American-style recipes.

The granola and cookie recipes appeared in their Farm Vegetarian Cookbook Additional recipes for Soy Pulp Tempeh and Soysage Dogs were given in the revised edition of the vegetarian cookbook. The Book of Tofu by Shurtleff and Aoyagi had an entire chapter about okara, introducing the word, and giving a nutritional analysis plus the first cultural and historical information about it, the first published recipe for homemade okara tempeh, and the largest collection to date of okara recipes 8 Japanese and 22 Western style.

Three new concepts in the late s combined to generate new interest in okara: The fact that many people were making their own tofu and that many new tofu shops had more than they could use, made it available for experimentation. A number of tofu shops published small flyers or booklets about okara, with recipes and nutritional information. Martha Wagner helped popularize the use of okara by writing "Okara: Okara began to be used like the newly popular wheat bran.

Since all US tofu shops and soy dairies produced large amounts of okara each day, they had to find a creative way to use it. By far the most popular commercial product was Soysage, made along the lines developed by The Farm; typical ingredients included okara, whole wheat flour, wheat germ, nutritional yeast, soymilk, oil, and herbs and spices--a nice alternative to pork sausage! Few people realized, however, that the product had a much earlier origin. Jon Cloud , in doing trademark research for his own product, discovered that.

Their Soysage a dry mix for meatless sausages was made from soy flour, peanut flour, cottonseed flour, wheat middlings, wheat germ, yeast, vegetable protein, and seasoning. Very little is known about that venture, however, since the trademark was renewed for only a short time; after six years of inactivity, the product lapsed into oblivion. At the first soyfoods conference in they gave a demonstration of how they made and steamed the product in stainless steel tubes.

Within a few years soysage was being made by tofu shops all over America. Variations on the basic theme were Soyloaf and Soysage Pate. Sunbow Farm in Oregon published an 8-page booklet, "Tofu, Soy Sausage, and Burger Mix," containing 12 recipes for using their soysage and several recipes for using their Burger Mix, a dried mixture of okara and various seasonings.

It contained 30 vegetarian recipes for using soysage in sandwiches and main dishes, but did not tell people how to make their own soysage. However when he applied for a US trademark, a Bureau of Trademarks official told him to desist from using the term, as it was misleading. Only after the product was reclassified as a "non-standardized food" could the name be used. A good update on Soysage around the world appeared in the summer issue of Soyfoods magazine Cloud ; Stunkard ; Cain ; Leviton By , the many soy delis connected with tofu shops also began to use okara to make tasty ready-to-eat foods.

Okara could also be used as either a low-cost extender in soy tempeh or, much better, as the sole ingredient in delectable mock fish sticks or cutlets made of oakra tempeh. To date, however, the project has not found a way to make itself cost effective. Other new potential nonfood uses of okara include as a fermentration substrate for ethanol or methane production, or an organic fertilizer.

As noted in Chapter 27, since the s, there has been a major increase in soymilk production in many Third World countries. Starting in the late s, many of these producers began to develop food uses for okara. Moretti, developer of the "Mechanical Cow" in Brazil, offers an optional okara dryer with each machine. The okara can then be used in breads, tortillas, etc. In Sri Lanka okara has been used in place of shredded coconut in Coconut Sambol a spicy topping. In East Asia, since ancient times, soybean hulls, remaining from the production of soymilk, tempeh, yuba, and some soy flour, have been used in mixed livestock fodders.

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Kyoyado Okara (Guest house), Kyoto (Japan) deals

This article, Okara , is property of Trabzin. Okara was born on March 17, Age During most of his early life, the Tuffles and Saiyans were at peace with one another on Planet Plant although there were some dark deals between Saiyan elders and Tuffles. Okara's ancestors had settled on Planet Plant after Planet Sadala had been destroyed in a civil war centuries ago. Okara had 13 other siblings, some of them half siblings. Three of them were sisters.

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Protein quality, based on its subunit composition, in okara obtained as a byproduct during hydrothermal cooking of soy milk was assessed. The composition of 7S and 11S protein fractions was correlated with the physicochemical properties of protein in okara produced from six soybean varieties.

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For updated and greatly expanded free information on this subject, on our website go to "Historical Bibliographies and Sourcebooks on Soy," then click on the corresponding subject. A lengthy digital book will appear in PDF format. It is searchable using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Okara or soy pulp is the insoluble carbohydrate residue that is left over after the production of soymilk or tofu. Soy bran is finely pulverized dry soybean hulls. Okara pronounced oh-KAR-uh is a Japanese word, and the general or generic term for the product. The Japanese, in line with their ancient tradition of honoring even the simplest and most humble of foods, form this word by placing the honorific prefix o before the word kara , which means "shell, hull, or husk.

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