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January 31, 9: Launched in January , the site reportedly came into being after Mr. For heterosexuals, the ratio of men to women is roughly 3. Naturally, the continuing surge in online dating has yielded an increasingly specific range of sites catering to virtually every religion, race, political ideology or cultural preference. Postmedia is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles.

A “misguided crusade”: Canada’s bill to legalize cannabis faces opposition

For the full citation, see the end of the document. All parts between brackets [. In the text presented below, the argument made by Wallace about the dominance of opportunism i. However, it would be fair to argue that such opportunistic policies are a characteristic of both the Liberal and Conservative parties in Canadaand, thus, are not peculiar to the Conservative Party of Canada.

While the author of the text might be overstating the tendency of the Conservative party to sponsor "socialistic" policies, - the text was probably first written during the Great Depression at the time of the interventionist Bennett New Deal - there is no doubt that, from time to time, the party has found its inspiration on the left of the political spectrum and has championed some progressive measures.

To some extent, this is why the Conservative party of Canada used the name of "Progressive-Conservative Party" from to ; in the same vein, there has been a continuous string of "red-tories" in the Conservative party of the XXth century. Such "left" tendencies have vanished altogether since the merger of the Conservative party with the Canadian Alliance in The party is now squarely one on the right of the political spectrum, and one that is increasingly more ideological in orientation and influenced by the American right.

The name had its origin in the fact that in John A. In other words, he succeeded in detaching from the Liberal party its more moderate elements, and in absorbing them in the Liberal-Conservative party. This was a policy which he pursued throughout his long and successful political career. To a Liberal partisan, whom he hoped to make the captive of his bow and spear, he once quoted the words of the popular hymn: The vilest sinner may return. At the time of Confederation , he was again able to detach from the Liberal party a considerable element in support of his policies; and in the so-called Unionist government of Sir Robert Borden won over the support of a large wing of the Liberal party on the issue of compulsory military service.

Many Liberal Unionists reverted after the Great War to their former party allegiance, but some did not; and there is thus ample historical justification for the name "Liberal-Conservative. The basis of the Liberal-Conservative party has varied at different times; and opportunism has played no small part in the platforms it has espoused, as it has in the platforms of other political parties [in Canada ].

The party came into existence in answer to the radical policies of the extreme wing of the Reform or Liberal party; but it promptly justified its existence by stealing two of the planks in the platform of its opponents, the secularization of the Clergy Reserves and the abolition of the seigniorial tenure. At a later date, in , it espoused the National Policy of high protection, partly because the Liberal government of Alexander Mackenzie had taken its stand on the doctrine of free trade; and it opposed reciprocity in trade with the United States, both in and in , though it had previously sought earnestly for reciprocal relations in trade with that country.

It opposed the nationalistic programme of Sir Wilfrid Laurier ; but when Sir Robert Borden came into office, the Liberal-Conservative party committed itself to nationalistic policies which went beyond anything Sir Wilfrid Laurier had achieved. Bennett in the federal sphere, it has sponsored legislation which can only be described as socialistic, though socialism is not one of the historical tenets of the party.

The Liberal party has been, on occasion, more conservative than the Conservatives; and the Conservative party more radical than the Radicals. It is easy to say that in principle there is no great difference between the two great historic political parties in Canada - no greater difference, as Goldwin Smith put it, than between "the Big-Endians and the Little-Endians in Lilliput. It has become predominantly the urban party in Canada , as opposed to the rural; the Protestant, as opposed to the Roman Catholic; the English, as opposed to the French; the privileged, as opposed to the under-privileged.

But to say that it has been without principles would not be true. It was also the party of federal rights, as opposed to provincial rights, and of the British connection, as opposed to [independence]. If it is true that considerations of race, religion, class, and geography affect the principles of political parties, it is also true that political principles create parties, and attract or repel support. If the Liberal-Conservative party [was, until mid-XXth century] predominantly an urban party, that is because it has been the party of the National Policy of high protection.

If it has gained the support of the English elements in the country, rather than the French, that is because, since , it has adopted policies that appeal to the English, rather than the French, though the French [were] naturally more conservative than the English. The Liberal-Conservative party may not always have been more conservative than the Liberal party; but this does not mean, as some writers have suggested, that it is without principles. The truth is that the platforms of political parties change with changing conditions.

Mackenzie King is more conservative than Mr. Ideas become out-moded; and nothing in politics is static. But the Liberal-Conservative party is still mainly the party of economic as distinct from political nationalism within the British Empire , of the industrial as opposed to the agricultural interests in the Dominion, of the English and Protestant elements in the country as opposed to the French and Roman Catholic.

As John Sandfield Macdonald once said, "a government must support its supporters. There has been no scholarly attempt to trace the history of the Liberal-Conservative party in Canada [over the entire life of the party]; but an interesting analysis of the bases of the party will be found in E. Reid, Canadian political parties Contributions to Canadian Economics , vol. John R. The Politics of the Conservative Party under R. Bennett, , Toronto, University of Toronto Press, , p.

Macdonald 2 vol. Events, Issues, and Concepts. Internet Resources. Franco-American History. College Library. Essay Guide. Style Guide. Cours de civilisation occidentale. Social Science Program.

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Our research on the roll-out of adult-use legalization in Canada, published today in the Cannabis Intelligence Briefing titled Canada Leads the Way on Global Cannabis Legalization , is the first research of its kind. The report models each of the 10 Canadian provinces individually. Product shortages such as those typical of early days of adult-use sales in the six US states that preceded Canada into the adult-use era Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada and California were, and continue to be, a major hold-back on market growth. In the US states referenced, similar product shortages were quickly followed by a flood of product as market growth took off. First of all, wholesale distributors are the provinces themselves, each of which holds a monopoly on both ecommerce to adult consumers within their borders and the transfer of product from LPs to stores.

'Stop wasting time with undesirables': Conservatives Only dating site announces move into Canada

The Canadian House of Commons held a spirited debate over the legalization of cannabis Tuesday as the Liberal government presented a second reading of its Bill C Over the course of three hours, Conservative Party members of Parliament questioned Liberal Party representatives on the timing and content of the bill. She noted that the Canadian Association of Chief of Police have asked government to extend the implementation date past July 1, Kusie reported that there is no reliable roadside measurement for driving under the influence of marijuana. She added that by legalizing cannabis, Canada would be in violation of three United Nations treaties. Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu, the Opposition Critic for Health, has proposed an amendment to prohibit individuals from growing cannabis at home. The government report rejected this motion. The legislation allows adults to grow up to four plants at home. Provinces could impose more restrictive grow limits.

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The RCMP has also confirmed that they are investigating the information Clement has provided to them. The admission, which came through a statement from the Conservative Party, also reveals that the longtime Parry Sound-Muskoka MP has resigned from his House of Commons committee assignments as well as his position as the justice critic. Clement, 57, has held a seat in the House of Commons since

UPDATED: Date for Dufferin-Caledon Conservative nomination meeting announced

We're less than days until Canadians can turn the page on the disastrous Justin Trudeau government. A Conservative Government will put people first, not powerful corporations or insiders. The last few months have been a dramatic time for Justin Trudeau's government -- but the analysis has been too narrowly focused on how this scandal will impact Trudeau's re-election campaign. Andrew Scheer is running to be the Prime Minister of Canada because this country deserves better than Trudeau's nonsense China has banned Canadian canola -- putting farmers at risk. This comes down to the way Justin Trudeau has managed foreign relations during his time in office. The verdict is not good. Candice Bergen explains more. In , Mr. Opitz relies on his military foundations, where no one gets left behind and he believes strongly that each and every person in Etobicoke Centre has a right to his undivided attention and that he has a duty to provide it. This was a formative role for Mr.

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All rights reserved. Don't you just hate it when you're on a first date and your prospective partner starts gushing about Justin Trudeau's political prowess or regulating the banking industry? The website says its mission is to hook up like-minded conservatives and avoid the apparent inconvenience of sorting through liberal singles by taking them out of the mix altogether. So far Canuck pickings are slim, with only a handful of Canadian men and women sporting profiles. The conservative nature of the website appears to start and end at actual politics, with a same-sex coupling option and a wide-range of religious identities available to build your profile.

The Politically Homeless Life of a Gay Conservative

Candidates have until March 2 to submit their paperwork for consideration. New and renewed memberships — which make a person eligible to vote at the nomination meeting — can be purchased up until March 9. Both have been highly visible for the past several months with social media, meet and greets and signing up new members. I am ready to serve once again. Gray was a city councillor in Kelowna and regional district director from , but did not seek re-election in order to focus on the Conservative nomination.

OTTAWA -- The federal government is backing off a plan to give bureaucrats more time to respond to veterans seeking benefits and support for their service-related injuries. Communities across Ontario watching for or actively grappling with flood conditions reported cautious progress on Tuesday even as they braced for a fresh wave of precipitation this week. You can find more information and RSVP by clicking the button below: Come enjoy a delicious homemade BBQ as we get ready to knock on doors! BBQ starts at 11 am, with canvassing to follow at 1 pm.

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. The airport is located in a Conservative held riding. The federal government has funnelled 83 per cent of the projects under its signature infrastructure fund to Conservative-held ridings, according to an analysis by The Globe and Mail of the announcements made to date. The New Building Canada Fund was first announced in the budget, but it has only been within the past few weeks — on the eve of the federal election campaign — that specific announcements have started to flow at a steady pace. As of Monday afternoon, the government had announced projects that are contained within individual ridings. Ninety-four of those projects — or 83 per cent — are in Conservative-held ridings.

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