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Yahoo Answers. Apply Cancel. My boyfriend always puts me down? Hell make comment, like are you stupid?

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Yahoo Answers. Apply Cancel. My boyfriend always puts me down? Hell make comment, like are you stupid? Or you dumb? You're not strong enough, you should be able to lift that. Get prettier. You need a boob job. Did you use to be big, because youre boobs sag. Ive always been thin btw. I know all the bad thing about me but he has not I know all the bad thing about me but he has not once completed me the whole year and half we've been together.

Is this just a character flaw in him or does he genuinely just does not like him. The thought of my girlfriend flashing other guys excites me Recently my girlfriend and I went to a water park and my girlfriend was wearing a bikini and didn't want to go down any slides because shes was afraid she would lose her bathing suit. The thought of her breast or vagina becoming exposed for other men to gawk at excited me. Eventually I convinced her to go down Eventually I convinced her to go down them, but to my dismay nothing was exposed.

The thoughts continue to linger in my head and excite me. I don't know why I want other guys to be able to see the parts of her she only shows me, but sometimes I wish she would just let loose and get drunk at a bar with me and flash guys. Is there any thing wrong with that or with me for wanting that? Does anyone know of any way I could bring this up to her and potentially get her to go along and maybe enjoy this with me? What do I do? Why should you never run away from your problems?

I am 19 and know nothing about sex. I feel so embarrassed because of this.? My mom never taught me anything about sex. Is that the same as contraceptive pills? Well, I know that contraceptive pills preventpregnancy, but when do u take them? How do u take them? How many times do u need to take them? How long do u need How long do u need to take them? What are their effects? Do they harm your organism? How many hours do need to pass before you take them again? Is anything forbidden to do while taking contraceptive pills?

What else can be used apart from contraceptive pills and condoms in order to prevent pregnancy? I dont know what it looks like. I dont have any friends that I can learn from about sex. I dont know anything I feel so lost. And I have never had a boyfriend and I dont think that I will ever have. I know nothing about sex. Nobody ever taught me anything. And what are some other things that I should know about sex and preventing pregnancy? What should I do or shouldnt do before sex? Are there any specific rules I should follow before or during sex?

Are condoms safe? Are there any other pills that prevent pregnancy? What are the best pills to use in order to prevent pregnancy? I am not gonna have sex but I want to educate myself at least a bit and also if you have some additional information about sex, just write if it is helpful. I think my gf is fattening me up.? I know she likes men that are on the chubby side but how should I feel about this I ve gained almost 40 pounds sense I ve got with her.

Is it possible for 36 man to still be virgin? How do I get my girlfriend to stop smoking weed? My gf started smoking weed recently, and she wants to continue doing it. What can I do? Why don't women go bald like men? How to weed out guys who just wants sex? Is it possible that a person may be weird but nothing is wrong with them as a person? Best answer: One person's weird is another's normal.

Why does my boyfriend want to have unprotected sex with me? My boyfriend wanted to have sex with me and I was a bit scared because i'm a virgin and I don't want to get pregnant. He tried to do it with me in the car. My girlfriend loves to swallow but it grosses me out. It actually makes me gag. Why do girls like that? I want to kill myself? Have you done without sex in the last 4 years? Is being a 24 year old virgin surprising or uncommon?

Women would call men perverts for staring at their bodies, but show off on Instagram My boyfriend has extreme trust issues. What should I do? My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost three weeks now and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable because it seems as though he can't let go and trust me. He is constantly suspicious of everything I do and say I feel like I am being looked at through a microscope.

It seems like he is always jumping to It seems like he is always jumping to the worst conclusions without asking questions or gaining clarification but he says he trusts me? I have never given him a reason to not trust me. I have been nothing but honest and open with him regarding everything in my life. I make an effort communicate with him everyday even my busiest days at work. At night we talk on the phone for five hours straight which is amazing.

I reassure him everyday that I care about him and would never do anything to hurt him but it seems as though with him it goes through one ear and out the other. All my efforts seem to go ignored and it hurts me. I wonder if his behavior could improve in time but this is an everyday thing with him. Am i getting used and played?? Ive been dating this guy since december So its been roughly 6 months now He says he broke up with her a year and a half ago but she is still due to financial reasons.

He claims he is ready for her to leave and have his space so I can come over more Lastly he thinks I worry too much just recently he said "dont worry too much its not cute" Well id like to understand why he thinks I worry too much but I'm too nervous to ask Based everything I mentioned I believe I have a reason to be concerned.. My friends think hes stringing me along, using and playing me. From what ive shared do you agree with my friends? Why or why not? Click me to see next set of Questions!

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Yahoo personals is an adult dating site - find the right relationship with people that are a good match. I'm a 20 year old women who has never been on a date, kissed a guy, or even been asked out. I've been rejected by every single guy I have liked (5). I'm very.

Finding love, it's time. Explore yahoo personals down at this online and will become one of letters and dating sites, currently with people today. Black singles black dating website. Sense anything unusual when they find meet singles doesn t find singles dating site for free access to be subject to date. Nov 4, make connections with yahoo!

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Personals was an online dating service provided by Yahoo! The Yahoo!

Quick search. About such since singles is the go!

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Yahoo Answers. Apply Cancel. My boyfriend always puts me down? Hell make comment, like are you stupid? Or you dumb? You're not strong enough, you should be able to lift that. Get prettier.

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Yahoo Personals no longer exists. They have closed the personals down at yahoo. We recommend you use this site instead. Yahoo personals is no longer a totally free personals site. You now have to pay to reply to ads, but you can join for free, and there are many photo personals available.

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Change Language. English UK. I am a man interested in women I am a woman interested in men I am a man interested in men I am a woman interested in women. Connect with Facebook. I have been quite an active user on Oasis for the past few years. Men come and go.

Yahoo! Answer's isn't a dating site.
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