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Toilet Water Supply Connector

If you find your toilet's old supply line leaking, then it is time to replace it! We will help you through removing and installing a flexible toilet supply line here. The most common toilet supply line is a stainless steel flex supply line , shown above. Most houses, condos, or apartments will have this type of supply line since they install so quickly and easily. There are many other types of supply lines that require a more in depth removal and install, such as a rigid supply line.

However, since those are not too common and are often specific to the toilet they are installed on, we are just going to discuss the most common stainless steel flex line. Step 1: Turn the water supply to the toilet off by turning the knob on your straight or angle supply valve. Typically, the knob will turn clockwise to turn the water off and counterclockwise to turn it back on.

Step 2: Flush the toilet a few times to empty the water from the tank. Use a towel to soak up the rest of the water inside the tank so that it does not leak onto the floor when the supply line is removed. Step 3: Use a wrench to loosen the supply line nut connecting to the supply valve. Then do the same to the nut connecting to the toilet's fill valve.

That connection will be on the underside of the tank and you may need another towel handy as some water may still drip out of the old supply line. Step 4: Install the new supply line by hand tightening the white plastic nut to the toilet's fill valve nipple on the under side of the tank. Then hand tighten the metal nut to the supply valve. Step 6: Check for leaks.

If the plastic nut connection end is leaking, slightly hand tighten the plastic nut until the leak ceases. Do not use a wrench on plastic nuts. If the metal nut connection is leaking, use a wrench or pliers to tighten the metal nut just a quarter of a turn past hand tightened to ensure the connection is sealed. Please Note: Do not tighten metal nuts more than a quarter of a turn past hand tight. We offer 12" and 20" supply lines. The more commonly used length is the 12" as most toilets are fairly close to the supply valve.

View Cart. Toggle navigation Help View Cart Contact. Replacing a toilet's water supply line is quick, easy, and can help save water Want to replace your old angle stop while you're at it? Watch this! Items needed: Towels or rags Wrench or pliers New flexible stainless steel supply line. Learn how to replace your toilet stop valve quickly and easily in this video tutorial. All Rights Reserved.

The water supply line for a toilet typically stubs out of the wall just under the toilet tank on the side where the water inlet on the tank is located. One-half-inch. Turn off the water at the toilet stop by turning the handle clockwise. Drain the tank by pulling on the handle. Take a sponge and bucket to soak up the remainder.

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Installation is simple with high flexibility and heavy-duty brass hex nuts that are easy to grip and nickel plated for durability. Fluidmaster is the 1 toilet repair brand in the world.

If you find your toilet's old supply line leaking, then it is time to replace it! We will help you through removing and installing a flexible toilet supply line here.

If you have a CatGenie with the drain line connected to your laundry drain, I envy you. If contemplating a CatGenie, I strongly recommend connecting it in the laundry if you have the space. If, like me, you haven't the room in the laundry then you'll have to connect the drain to the toilet, but this presents a problem:

How To Replace A Toilet Supply Line

Sure, installing a Saniflo macerating toilet system can save you thousands on your upcoming bathroom remodel or addition, but how do you install one? In this guide, we will walk you through easy steps of the quick and painless Saniflo installation process. The primary difference between a Saniflo system and a standard system is the discharge method. A Saniflo macerating system features two unique components: Upflush toilets are a functional part of the everyday home, and are commonly used to install a second bathroom in a basement or mudroom, or simply eliminate the need for expensive plumbing overhauls during a remodel.

CatGenie: How to Use Less Water and Keep the Toilet Clean

Saniflo toilets offer a design which makes it possible to add one almost anywhere in your home. It eliminates the need to break through floors or install complex plumbing systems. This innovative design creates an upflush macerating system which has been around since the s. The design is quite simple. Instead of connecting the new toilet to the existing drain pipe, the Saniflo system can send waste up to feet away. There is no other water-pumping toilet system on the market today which offers this set of features. The macerating feature pulverizes the waste after the toilet flushes. Then the waste is pumped to your septic or soil stack or to your main sewer pipe up to feet away.

Toilet water supply line come in three styles.

Being mostly out of sight your home plumbing system tends to remain out of mind until something goes wrong. While it may appear to be a complex maze of pipes, fittings and valves, your home plumbing system is actually rather simple and straightforward. A home plumbing system is made up of three basic components:

Saniflo Installation

There are several common problems associated with toilets that are fairly easy to diagnose and repair. This allows water to spill over the top of the overflow tube and keeps the intake valve from shutting off. Depending on how the toilet is made, the water level in the tank can be adjusted by either turning a screw on the top of the intake valve,. When you have finished adjusting it, flush the toilet and check to see that the water level remains a bit below the top of the overflow tube. Another common problem is a gradual loss of water in the tank, which causes the intake valve to cycle on and off periodically. If this is the case, you probably have a leaky flapper valve. To check, pour a little food coloring in the tank. If the water in the bowl changes color without flushing it, the flapper valve needs to be replaced. Flush the toilet to purge the water from the tank. Reach inside the tank and remove the old flapper valve.

How to Repair a Toilet

There are four possible places that a toilet supply line can leak. Sometimes it is difficult to tell where the water is coming from. It is possible for water to be leaking from the tank and running down the supply line, making it appear that the supply line or valve is the problem. Not sure if this is your problem? See the article ' Troubleshooting Toilet Problems ' for a complete listing of possible issues. For general plumbing questions, see ' Plumbing Repair for Homeowners '.

Technical Details

The water supply line for a toilet typically stubs out of the wall just under the toilet tank on the side where the water inlet on the tank is located. The supply line should terminate with a shut-off valve either soldered to the supply pipe or attached with a compression fitting. Choose an existing cold water pipe into which you can tie the toilet supply line, and shut off the water to that pipe. Open any faucets connected to the pipe and leave them open while you connect the toilet line to it. Cut into the pipe at a convenient spot close to the new toilet with a pipe cutter.

How to Rough-In Toilet Plumbing Yourself

To install a toilet, you have to begin with the plumbing. If you have any problems, give us a call. Before installing a toilet, you need to run the waste drain and supply lines to the location of the new toilet. A mistake here will likely make it impossible to install a new toilet until done correctly. Trim the copper pipe beforehand. The stop valve should be as close to flush as possible with the surface of the wall. In the most recent U.

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Toilet Connection /Connecting the Water Supply to a Toilet Tank
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