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And only half of them are dead! Many characters are now gone. We get it. But hey, love is complicated!

Avengers: Endgame -- Trailers, ticket sales, cast, plot and title meaning

The internet is a very, very scary place when you're trying to avoid Avengers: Endgame spoilers. After issues with leaks and spoilers earlier this month, many Marvel fans have been on edge and scrolling very carefully. Fortunately for those of you who need to wait to see the final Avengers film, there are absolutely no spoilers in this big batch of Marvel memes.

You can breathe easy now. Endgame is finally here, and the whole damn internet is either celebrating or dodging spoilers left and right. Today we discovered it's possible to do both. Google Search is playing into Marvel-mania with a very entertaining Thanos easter egg. All you need to do is google the purple villain and then click on the cartoon icon of his powerful gauntlet.

What comes next is completely devoid of spoilers and a fun treat for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yesterday's fire at Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral was an undeniable tragedy. The nearly 1, year old church burned as the entire world watched. Most of them, unsurprisingly, were memers. Here are the fruits of their messed up minds. We're just glad most of the art and artifacts were rescued. It makes us feel less guilty for the memes. If this kind of dark humor is up your alley, you can find more of these memes over at Ebaum's World.

Happy sizzlin'! We don't know about you but we're getting pretty damn stoked for Avengers: We're also bracing ourselves for some serious feels. The movie hits theaters April 26th. These memes will help tide you over until then. Thanos completing his gauntlet is the newest way for memers to describe people or cultures via various flattering or unflattering personality traits. There's been no shortage of Thanos memes floating around these days, but we predict that this versatile format will be popping up for quite a while.

We have never gotten bored of Marvel memes but this latest iteration really takes the cake. If you're not familiar with the characters, we recommend you stop reading or brush up on hours of info right here. As early as , fans of the series have been theorizing that Ant-Man capable of changing his size from teeny tiny to gigantic would defeat Thanos by entering his body, whether via urethra or anus.

The theory has floated around the internet ether for a couple years now, finally becoming a full-fledged dank meme this month. The memes range from coy to very, very raunchy. We love 'em all. It's a sad day for Marvel fans. Our hero, Stan Lee, has passed away after giving us 95 years of awesome. While we mourn the loss, we like to focus on the fruits of his imagination - all of our favorite Marvel characters and stories. These memes won't fill the Stan-filled void in our hearts, but they will definitely make you crack a smile.

It's said that laughter is the best medicine, but exhaling more rapidly through your nose can sometimes do the trick. We can't get enough of these Marvel memes. Download Cheezburger App for Free. Android App on Google Play. Available in the App Store. Toggle Navigation Memebase. View List. Via bestmemesperiod. Via god. Hot Today. Follow The Laughs.

This Valentine's Day, there's no better place to look for love than in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which boasts more than 80 characters in The latest Tweets from Thanos Dating (@DatingThanos). Τα γραφεία Γνωριμιών & Γάμου «ΘΑΝΟΣ», έχοντας μία λαμπρή και πετυχημένη πορεία από το σε.

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This article was originally published in April and we are republishing it as part of our coverage of Avengers: Endgame , which prominently features Thanos.

Last week, Disney showed brand new footage from Avengers: Endgame during its shareholders meeting, revealing quite a few spoilers for Avengers 4 in the process.

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The internet is a very, very scary place when you're trying to avoid Avengers: Endgame spoilers. After issues with leaks and spoilers earlier this month, many Marvel fans have been on edge and scrolling very carefully. Fortunately for those of you who need to wait to see the final Avengers film, there are absolutely no spoilers in this big batch of Marvel memes. You can breathe easy now.

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The Thor: Ragnarok trailer has shown the Goddess of Death destroying Mjolnir, levelling Asgard and NYC and just generally going round being all evil. She could soon be upping her destruction on an even grander scale though in Avengers: Infinity War if a fan theory is to be believed. Many are speculating — as reported by ComicBook. Death, in Marvel continuity, is the literal embodiment of death and, naturally, someone who Thanos lusts over. The purple tyrant even brings death and destruction everywhere he goes just to impress her, despite her constant rejections. Yeah, comics are weeeeird. What a lovely combination April 12,

Death also distinguished as Mistress Death and Lady Death is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is a cosmic entity based on the personification of death.

By Niomi Harris For Mailonline. This week saw the release of the highly-anticipated Avengers:

Who's Dating Who in the MCU? After Thanos' Snap, Here's the Complete Guide

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Death (Marvel Comics)

Think Avengers: Infinity War was intense? Stay tuned, because the sequel is almost here. Endgame , but who else will be? If you've seen Infinity War and a lot of you have , you know it's a bit of a mystery. One thing for sure:

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A confrontation has been brewing between Captain Marvel and Thanos since before the release of Captain Marvel , beginning with the after credits scene in Avengers: Thanos vs. Captain Marvel could be central to "Avengers: In one corner, we have Captain Marvel, who has four primary powers to deploy against Thanos: While Thanos accrues incredible power thanks to the Infinity Gauntlet, his innate abilities are a bit more limited.

Google has joined in with the hype around the release of the Marvel movie Avengers: When clicked on or tapped the Google search results begin to disintegrate, echoing the fate of life across the universe when Thanos activated the completed Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers: Infinity War. As individual entries atomise, the search page also shows the number of available results plummeting in a countdown. It is possible to restore the results to the page — but maybe you need to have seen the newest Avengers movie to work out how to reverse the destructive power of Thanos.

Although often content to keep a balance between life and death she is shown as more than happy to take advantage of situations so as to get the upper-hand: Lady Death is also known to empower most death-gods and demons, allowing them to take souls that have died though the exact nature of their dealing is unknown. Although Death is a neutral entity by nature she isn't above trying to seize control over things and has a rivalry of sorts with her "brother" Eternity - though Lady Death is wise enough to understand the need for balance and as a result rarely engages in acts of outright villainy, instead she can be seen as the ultimate mastermind who observes creation and allows it to grow while at the same time formulating ways to expand her own influence over it. Lady Death was temporarily erased from existence by the omnipotent alien known as Beyonder , but was returned when he realized that destroying Death went against the very nature of existence and as such, even with his great power, Beyonder was not right in his actions. Death's relationship with other villains has varied, she is most famous for her "romance" with Thanos - though she often appeared to shun her would-be-lover, perhaps playing him as somewhat of a fool as her rejection made him ever more determined to prove his worth. In a cruel twist of fate, Thanos once obtained absolute omnipotence in the form of the Infinity Gauntlet only to find that Death still would not address him, this time due to the fact that Thanos was superior to her. Although often seen as cruel in her actions towards Thanos Death may well of had reason to distance herself from his advances as it was shown that once she and Thanos merged they gave "birth" to the entity known as Rot:

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