Harry and daphne dating fanfiction

I'm back and excited for this story. Its been awhile since I've wrote Harry Potter fan fiction. So I guess you can say this is a song fic. Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think.

Harry potter and daphne greengrass dating fanfiction

Really not bringing my A-game to fic writing these days for some unknown reason. So you know. It was at the end of Daphne's girlhood that her thoughts began to turn to romance and other such things. Coincidentally, it was exactly the same time that Harry Potter slipped up and revealed himself to be interesting enough to get a closer look.

Her first indication that he was anything but the brainless clod he presented himself as was a failing grade on a surprise potions exam. It should not have been possible for anyone to score a zero on a five thousand multiple choice exam, not unless they knew all of the answers. Still, she reflected as her Head of House turned the most interesting shade of purple, she supposed that it was possible that the boy's massive amount of bad luck could conspire to carry out the improbable score.

In any case, it elevated the boy to the ranks of someone to watch. A number of other small incidents combined to make her almost sure that the boy was more than he appeared to be, still, she had a niggling sense of doubt until she saw him step into an alcove to down the contents of a mysterious vial before another potions class. As unobtrusively as she could, she collected the discarded container and gave it a whiff. It appeared to be a broad spectrum antidote, something that could be useful to have on hand, almost definitely would be considering their Professor, but not something she'd observed the boy do before.

This bore closer investigation. Her confusion turned to understanding when she saw what they would be brewing in that class period. A fairly useless potion, one meant to deal with the effects of halitosis, something many of her housemates were in dire need of, but also one that would turn to a deadly poison if one step were done wrong. Death was unlikely at Hogwarts, not with the quality of the school's medwitch. Recovery, however, would be anything but pleasant. Her smile deepened when the Professor singled out the target of her growing ardor to sample the clumsiest Gryffindor's attempts.

The man's sallow face turned purple when Potter downed the potent poison and nothing happened. Snape's own disbelieving sampling of Longbottom's latest disaster did not end nearly as well for him, but thanks to the school's excellent medwitch he was able to breath without screaming in just a few short hours. The boy had brains, courage, a bit of deviousness, and was rumored to have copious amounts of luck. Obstacles to overcome were the fact that Slytherin was unlikely to approve, that her family was unlikely to approve, and most importantly that judging by the rags he choose to wear under his robes, he was hopelessly impoverished.

The first two were easy enough to surmount, the Slytherins were all either moronic or apathetic. To be quite frank, if she could not figure out a way to redirect their simple minds then she deserved all the difficulties they would put her through. Her family, save her sister, was no great loss. If she could not outwit them, they could be cast off and she would shed not so much as a single tear for their absence in her life.

Nor was, when she considered the matter, the boy's impoverished state. Money was easy enough to acquire once one had procured the seed, the problem was getting that seed. Her mind made up, she set about snaring the boy for herself, something she was sure would be no great hardship. Artists would sell their souls for the chance to immortalize her wondrous body in marble, painters would give their lives to put it on canvass, and poets would go mad trying to find the words to describe her exquisite form.

What could a mere boy do in the face of such perfection given flesh? As it turned out, not a lot after she managed to convince him that her interest was not part of some inept attempt on his life. Poor boy was so paranoid Her nose wrinkled. She supposed she was going to have to think up another word to describe his state of mind. Perfect awareness maybe? As it wasn't paranoia if they really were out to get you, after all.

As she'd predicted, her housemates were less than pleased by who she chose to romance. Thus the necessity of her plan to redirect their attention to someone else. It was possible they'd let her go without comment, but she rather thought it unlikely. In terms of subtlety she'd just done the equivalent of bashing the clod on the head with a rather large hammer, but of course there was always the possibility that she'd overestimated his intelligence, something that seemed more and more likely the further she got from him.

It had only taken him three times longer than she'd thought it would. Looked like she'd have to make a few modifications to her plans to take that into account. A chance to rub his face in the fact that as a half blood, he can, at best be half the man you are. A chance to rip from his grasp the last two knuts he has to his name. Best to be away from the fool as fast as possible for a bit of quality time with her new boyfriend. Not to mention the gold she could make by selling seats to watch.

Visions of stupendously large piles of gold danced through the girl's head. It seemed that she'd overestimated his intelligence by at least several orders of magnitude and underestimated his capacity for self delusion by a similar margin. Perhaps Harry was right about the dangers of inbreeding? If that were the case, it was quite fortunate that their closest common ancestor was fifteen generations back and that that the Potter family had taken a disproportionate amount of muggle brides.

We'll need something I have yet to beat him at multiple times, which counts out academics and athletic ability as well. Hmmm, even someone with my towering intellect will have trouble thinking of a suitable challenge. Daphne took a half step back, more than a bit afraid that the boy's stupidity could turn out to be contagious, no way it could be natural, not even with all the inbreeding that had gone into producing the nadir of the Malfoy line that stood before her.

Then you'll take a potion of speed and that will be that. As if any wizard would ever wish to have skill at something so common," he sneered. It must be a great strain on the few brain cells he had rattling around his skull. It's why I told you to get close to him after all. She was more than a bit disgusted by how easy everything had been. House of the cunning her perfectly formed ass! Perhaps she needed to have a little chat with the sorting hat to discuss how annoyed she'd become about its lumping her in with the wizarding world's most idiotic.

Now if she could only remember where she'd seen that spell to summon fabric eating moths. This was going to be fun. And she did, three times before she worked up the nerve to let Harry in on her cunning plan. Surprisingly, it was much more difficult to convince the boy to go along than she'd thought it would be. A wicked grin appeared on her face, it really did get her motor running.

It was a rather tired Harry and Daphne that left the Astronomy tower later that night. That lateness meant they discovered something that was more than a bit horizon broadening due to a tricky bit of timing and an unusual route taken past one of the many unused classrooms in the castle. Harry's eyes narrowed in rage and an wave of accidental magic pulverized two inches of steel reinforced oak. Luna was dressed in a professor's robe, hiked up around her hips, and sitting behind her desk while a corseted Hermione knelt and.

Power was never sexier than when it was used to force your will on another. The very thought of it made her glad they were in an old teacher's lounge with a very soft couch nearby. Perhaps they could have a bit of role play of their own? One more round turned into two, which in turn led to three, and finally a night without a wink of sleep. Several eyes noted the newly public couple as they stumbled into the Great Hall for breakfast, some of them less understanding than the Slytherins had been.

On the plus side, they did manage to contain themselves till they were back within the relatively private confines of the Gryffindor boy's dorms. The conversation that was to follow was probably best not held in public. Each one of the boys lost themselves in their happy place for a few moments. Pert, well formed, and perky, were only some of the many attributes possessed by Daphne Greengrass' fantastic breasts. Those tits were his and he'd die before he agreed to share them with anybody.

If there's an exception for perfect tits, there's gotta be one for a cracking ass too! The first two races went as expected, Harry easily emerged victorious over Draco in both the hundred meter dash and the two hundred meter dash. The only downside that the boy could see was that he could no longer state with complete confidence that the Dursleys were complete useless lumps of flesh, not after all the time Dudley had helped him train.

The third match was where things began to get interesting for the rest of the school as Malfoy prepared to show them all that inbreeding and idiocy were most always trumped by cunning and a complete disregard for all but the letter of the law. Draco grinned as he felt the potion of speed in his pocket which would permit him to double any pace Potter was able to run. The boy eyed the broom in his competitor's hand.

Hadn't they remembered to forbid the use of brooms in their athletic contests? Unfortunately for the scion of the Malfoy family, they hadn't, leaving Harry an easy win and the Malfoy fortune reduced by almost one third. But that was okay, Draco had a new plan, to bet double or nothing and to word the rules in such a way that it was impossible for him to lose. The plan began to fall apart after Harry refused a rematch. It was both a ploy to get a bit more fun time with his girlfriend and for the aforementioned girlfriend to wring more concessions from the somewhat less wealthy Malfoy family.

Daphne stepped out of the negotiating closet, something that normally played host to cleaning supplies and amorous students, and daintily wiped the corner of her mouth with a silk handkerchief. But I think that after a bit of quick thinking and quicker lip work, I was able to soften him up a bit. Perhaps she should make a side bet with her new Gryffindor boyfriend too?

He was always giving her compliments about her wonderful bottom. After several exhausting rounds of negotiation, Daphne managed to persuade Harry to concede to every one of Draco's many demands and in return, Draco had agreed to every one of his. Daphne's only regret was that the twit was likely too unintelligent to ever figure just how badly he'd been outmaneuvered. At least three quarters of the fun of outwitting someone you didn't intend to murder was watching them realize that they were naught but a puppet, dancing on your string.

The thought was one Daphne would have whole heartedly agreed with, had he voiced it and had she been in one of her rare moods to listen to a word he said. The next, and final race, started at the edge of Hogsmead before a large crowd comprised of students, staff, family, and residents.

Many girls ask Harry to choose them as his date for the Yule ball, but he It was the first time he was so close to Daphne and he found that she. Harry never thought Daphne Greengrass would be his date for the Valentine's Day dance. He knows he made a good choice, but how will the.

No copyright intended! I just own this fanfic, everything else belongs to J. Author's note: Mostly AU. Some Ron and Ginny bashing.

Slytherin and was famous for her "no dating" policywhile in school.

To any of my old readers, no I am not back in the HP Fandom. This is just a fic idea I had from many years ago that I recently rediscovered.

Really not bringing my A-game to fic writing these days for some unknown reason. So you know. It was at the end of Daphne's girlhood that her thoughts began to turn to romance and other such things. Coincidentally, it was exactly the same time that Harry Potter slipped up and revealed himself to be interesting enough to get a closer look. Her first indication that he was anything but the brainless clod he presented himself as was a failing grade on a surprise potions exam.

She picked up her trunk and was pushed out the door. She turned to say goodbye only to have the door slammed into her face. She wasn't bad looking, she supposed, a little short for a fifteen almost sixteen year old. Her long, straight black hair that came down to her waist, shimmered, and shined jet black and the darkest of blues depending on the light, and the effect was added to due to the fact her skin was very pale. But it was her eyes that she liked the most, they were a shocking pinky - purple, that if you looked at to long you would always find another shade. But as she was constantly reminded at home they were not normal. There was a crack form behind her and she turned, only to find herself staring into the face of a boy not much older than herself. He wasn't very tall 5"9 at the most, but his broad shoulders and muscles made him look intimidating.

This one won't be as grand as my HBG series or my other series that I have going. This one will be updated when I can get to it.

The start of Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts was torture, and not because his godfather had died. In truth, Harry missed what might have been more than he missed Sirius Black himself. He had maybe spent a total of a month with his godfather—that he could remember. So while he was sad, he wasn't buried in grief, no matter what his friends assumed.

Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Completed Harry and Daphne Fanfiction. Books Harry Potter, Since: Dorothea Greengrass - Stories: All Updated within 24 hours Updated within 1 week Updated within 1 month Updated within 6 months Updated within 1 Year - Published within 24 hours Published within 1 week Published within 1 month Published within 6 months Published within 1 Year Genre: All In-Progress Complete. In the summer of , she has a plan redeem the reputation of Slytherin House, and some of the people inside it.

As my name is nor J. Rowling, you know I don't hold the rights to Harry Potter universe. I only play in it for my fun and hopefully yours too. Harry had already heard this question multiple times. Most Gryffindor girls from third to fifth year had asked it, as well as most Ravenclaw girls and a few from Hufflepuff. Surprisingly, even some Slytherin girls approached him with the same question.

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