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Burny Guitar

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If you have a serial number the wise on here will date it quite easily for you. They are solid well made guitars, later ones (like mine) have the. In my opinion, this is the first really good Burny Les Paul. . in details should give You a god idea, how to date Your guitar and to decide what model it is.

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Fernandes is the parent company that made most of the company's Fender replica guitars under its own Fernandes name.

Sign i can't over time on the sonic offerings. Lastly, get confused about this bass guitars during the eclectic electrics.

Burny Guitars?

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How can I tell if a Burny guitar is Made in Japan?

If you know of additional information or any errors, please help us as well as others reading from our site by writing in to us. Background of Burny Both Burny and Fernandes are the same company. Fernandes started off first in the 70's making Fender replicas. The brand Burny was birth later by Fernandes as the division that made Gibson replicas. To date, both Fernandes and Burny are still making guitars just like their Tokai counterparts. When it began in the 70's, there were no problems with copyright issues. This saga only surfaced a decade later in the mid 80's when Fender and Gibson felt that their empire was threatened. To avoid the copyright war, Fernandes began to make changes to certain parts of their design like truss rod cover, shape etc. After the lawsuit threats emerged, Fernandes most obvious change was to their headstock shapes - it was changed completely.

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Is it a real 80's burny?

Login or Sign Up. Join the HC Newsletter. Subscribe Now! Contact Us. Search in titles only Search in Electric Guitars only Search. Burny Guitars? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Prev Next. Filtered by: Previous 1 2 template Next. Since the search site is down, I though I would ask all my fellow forumites.

Date Fernandes Guitars by Headstock Shape & Logo Design

This site is best viewed in a modern browser with JavaScript enabled. I initially bought it as an investment however I seem to have miss looked the amount of debt I have and I need to pay that off so I can start saving for my honeymoon which is coming up soon, hence the reason why I need to sell this. Since putting this topic up I have learned a few things about this guitar, and some of the info I gave in my previous post was incorrect and I would like to apologize to everyone for this. I was going according to research I did on the net and from the friend I bought it from but it appears that some of the things I thought about this guitar were incorrect so my apologize for this. I took most of the info regarding this guitar off this topic as I don't wish to mislead anyone, however I will re-post some new info when get a clearer indication of the guitar, where and when it was made etc. A fellow GF user came to visit me today to look at the guitar and offered me some new info I did not know about this guitar. If you can help me with the dating of this guitar or any other useful facts please feel free to PM me.

How can I tell if a Burny guitar is Made in Japan?

Wesman Todd Shaw started playing the guitar when he was 12 years old. He loves nothing more than to pick one up and pluck some strings. In the s, Gibson guitars relaxed their quality standards and sold some things they should not have. The Japanese took notice and started building Les Paul copies. Economics and ergonomics are very real things and both played a big role in the development of LP-like guitars.

How to date a Burny Super Grade

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Is it a real 80's burny?

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How to date a Burny Super Grade

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JAPANUARY! Burny Les Paul Custom - Lawsuit Era Gibson Copy From Fernandes Japan
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