Stuttering and online dating

The first step is accepting upfront that I am facing a problem, that I stammer — no less, no more. Discovering that you alone can help yourself — but by helping others: Third step is going to the heart of the stammering riddle: Like everyone else under the sun, we the stammerers, also have to practice and hone our communication skills. What better place to practice it, than in the company of one another? Yes, self-help groups, physical and virtual, constitute a major evolutionary strategy in our search for healing, wholeness and inner acceptance.

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By Ivan Das. It all started at the age of 6. My mother thought my speech pattern was due to me mimicking my brother, who had a stutter, too. The toddler age went by and my adolescence swept in, only to let me know that my stutter had intensified. Halted speech, restricted social behaviour, anxiety, and most importantly, self-condemnation rocked these early adolescent ages. By nature I am a confident, extroverted, romantic.

Yet, I couldn't ask any girl out for a date. I knew the answer, but still chose to keep my mouth shut. And after all this, there came the unforgettable movement when I chose my career path. I wanted to cure my issue and I wanted to know myself. In the process, I chose something which could help not only me, but all others around me. I wanted to become a clinical psychologist. Today, it has been seven long years that I have been studying the subject.

Every class presentation increases my heart beat, every interaction with a client is a tense affair. But I choose to fight back. I used my knowledge of psychological therapy to decondition myself from speech anxiety, and to gain confidence. I took homoeopathic medicines, which helped to have a soothing effect on my nerves. The results were fluctuating. Then I started to try reading aloud a classical method, but it is scientifically proven to be very effective.

I now practice various relaxation techniques to calm my nerves down before any tense situation. I practice mindfulness to grow the mind-body connections. Also, I got into bodybuilding to bring the all-round health in me. This spirit has helped me to get where I am today. Still today, I stutter. But I am at peace with it. I tell my audiences that I stutter beforehand. I admit my flaw because I have accepted it. I can proudly say that all of these techniques didn't totally cure me of my stuttering, but they helped me to improve a lot.

I always told myself that, I may be a stutterer but I am not a quitter in life. And life did not quit on me ever since. If you can read or talk fluently when alone in a room, please know that you can do it in other situations, too. You just need to unlock and condition this ability. If you aim to be completely perfect, that can be a hard thing to achieve.

But if you accept and admit your problem, with the right therapies and mind set, you can talk convincingly. He is a member, writer and counselor for several stuttering associations like TISA and social media groups around the world. Apart from being a mental health practitioner, he is fond of bodybuilding, reading and writing, and cooking. Skip to main content Skip to navigation. By Ivan Das It all started at the age of 6.

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Okay, I did a thread search on stuttering and most were regarding children. Very little was said about dating an adult who stutters so I'm Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing. they would date a person who stutters, and factors that would in uence the variables that attracts PWDs to view certain online profiles and not others.

Living with a stutter can be very challenging. But living with a stutter can also be a blessing in disguise that brings many unexpected benefits. Stuttering, also known as stammering in some parts of the world, can be described as interrupted speech in the form of re-re-repetitions and long pauses between sy…….. Meanwhile, your body could be compensating and forcing your words out by moving other body parts. This could be blinking, stamping of the feet, grimacing, pained expressions, and looking away.

Stuttering or stammering is considered a disability that affects verbal communication — particularly the rhythm or flow of communication.

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Stuttering occurs in all cultures and ethnic groups Andrews et al. Insofar as many of the steps in how we produce language normally are still a mystery, disorders like stuttering are even more poorly understood. However, genetic and neurobiological approaches are now giving us clues to causes and better treatments. Stuttering is a disruption in the fluency of verbal expression characterized by involuntary, audible or silent, repetitions or prolongations of sounds or syllables Figure 1. These are not readily controllable and may be accompanied by other movements and by emotions of negative nature such as fear, embarrassment, or irritation Wingate

I Am a Man Who Stutters

This is a place to talk about life in general and my experiences with my stuttering journey. I have learned that life is too short to not share my story. I have something to say. There are a lot of blogs about stuttering out there. I am not covering anything scientific or therapy related. I am not qualified to do that. What I will cover is often what is not talked about very much- the feelings and emotions that revolve around stuttering. Hi I manage the national speech therapy library in the UK which is based in a college that trains speech therapists pathologists.

But there are two things always worth remembering. If you want to improve your enunciation and technique, then help is available.

Imagine being at a workshop that will enable your inner fluency to emerge without effort. Anna and Barbara guide you to do just that. Stay tuned for dates of upcoming workshops.


Stuttering , also known as stammering , is a speech disorder in which the flow of speech is disrupted by involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds, syllables, words or phrases as well as involuntary silent pauses or blocks in which the person who stutters is unable to produce sounds. According to Watkins et al. The term "stuttering" covers a wide range of severity, encompassing barely perceptible impediments that are largely cosmetic to severe symptoms that effectively prevent oral communication. The impact of stuttering on a person's functioning and emotional state can be severe. This may include fears of having to enunciate specific vowels or consonants, fears of being caught stuttering in social situations, self-imposed isolation, anxiety, stress, shame, low self-esteem, being a possible target of bullying especially in children , having to use word substitution and rearrange words in a sentence to hide stuttering, or a feeling of "loss of control" during speech. Stuttering is sometimes popularly seen as a symptom of anxiety, but there is actually no direct correlation in that direction though as mentioned the inverse can be true, as social anxiety may actually develop in individuals as a result of their stuttering. Stuttering is generally not a problem with the physical production of speech sounds or putting thoughts into words. Acute nervousness and stress do not cause stuttering, but they can trigger stuttering in people who have the speech disorder, and living with a stigmatized disability can result in anxiety and high allostatic stress load chronic nervousness and stress that reduce the amount of acute stress necessary to trigger stuttering in any given person who stutters, exacerbating the problem in the manner of a positive feedback system; the name 'stuttered speech syndrome' has been proposed for this condition. The disorder is also variable , which means that in certain situations, such as talking on the telephone or in a large group, the stuttering might be more severe or less, depending on whether or not the stutterer is self-conscious about their stuttering. Stutterers often find that their stuttering fluctuates and that they have "good" days, "bad" days and "stutter-free" days. The times in which their stuttering fluctuates can be random. There are many treatments and speech therapy techniques available that may help decrease speech disfluency in some people who stutter to the point where an untrained ear cannot identify a problem; however, there is essentially no cure for the disorder at present.

Ivan's Story

First, I want to say I think your post is very honest and appreciate that. I think you have to do what you feel most comfortable with. However, I have a question for you, is stuttering who you are or just a way you speak? For ex: I know that you have a great sense of humor and love the Yankees. Don't forget about your other great qualities.

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By Ivan Das. It all started at the age of 6. My mother thought my speech pattern was due to me mimicking my brother, who had a stutter, too. The toddler age went by and my adolescence swept in, only to let me know that my stutter had intensified. Halted speech, restricted social behaviour, anxiety, and most importantly, self-condemnation rocked these early adolescent ages. By nature I am a confident, extroverted, romantic. Yet, I couldn't ask any girl out for a date.

What Causes Stuttering?

The National Stuttering Association Annual Conference is a gathering of adults, children, families, and friends who share stuttering as a common bond. We are hard at work finalizing details for the Annual Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL to ensure that you will enjoy a life-changing experience. Check out the our Annual Conference highlights for a taste of the fun to come, and share our 36th Annual Conference Save-the-Date card with friends and family! Show your support by becoming a corporate sponsor.

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I interviewed 8 married couples where one of the significant others stutters and the other does not. I asked them if stuttering had ever been an issue — you may be surprised by their responses. Some who stutter say they do mention it while others prefer not to. I know it can be a daunting choice to make. We want to present the best of ourselves in our online dating profiles regardless of speech fluency.

Stuttering and dating
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