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Maintaining objectivity in our business relationships is essential to earning the trust of our stakeholders and promotingour culture of integrity. A conflict of interest can arise when our business judgment could be influenced, or might appear as being influenced, by the possibility of personal benefit. An ethics concern is one that involves alleged behaviors or business practices that are inconsistent with one or more of the sections of the Statement of Ethics such as theft, inappropriate conduct, or insider trading.

If you are aware of or become aware of a potential ethics concern, please contact Global Ethics so that your concern can be reviewed and handled appropriately. If you ask your question through the Ask a Question form on walmartethics. Likewise, if you email us, we respond by email; if you call the helpline, you will receive our response by calling the helpline again and using the Follow-up Report function. Please make note of your report number and PIN number so you may continue to follow-up if you have additional questions for our office.

One of our suppliers would like to make a donation on behalf of Walmart to a local charity. Is that acceptable? To protect our fair and objective relationship with suppliers, we do not approve of donations made on our behalf nor should we use our position at Walmart to influence where our suppliers make contributions. Walmart and one of my suppliers have co-sponsored an organization. Can I present the check? As long as Walmart also donated to the charity, then you may be the appropriate person to present the check.

When handing the check over to the charity, you would need to be clear in communicating that the check is on behalf of both Walmart and the supplier. I recently became an independent sales agent for a mail order cosmetics company. Can I encourage my co-workers to purchase their cosmetics through my new business? Associates should avoid actively and personally promoting a side business at work or soliciting coworkers for new business. This includes trying to sell products or services to co-workers during daily work conversations.

Promoting a personal business could be considered a conflict of interest because the associate may be using his or her position for personal gain. When visiting my supplier, can the supplier provide transportation for me? In some instances it may be more cost effective and sustainable for associates to ride with a supplier while conducting business. If these situations arise, be transparent and let your manager know. You should also avoid extravagance. Even if you pay for half the cost, it is not in line with our value of Every Day Low Costs to be escorted in limousines or similar luxury accommodations.

A former Walmart associate left Walmart less than six months ago and now works for my supplier. Am I allowed to work with the former associate as a supplier to Walmart? A conflict may exist if, within a year of leaving Walmart, the former associate is calling back on an area he or she formerly worked in or had influence over while at Walmart. If the former associate is calling back on an area they have not worked in or had influence over the restriction does not apply.

Walmart will not do business with a former officer for one year regardless of the area they worked in or had influence over while at Walmart. Global Ethics may, in partnership with senior business leadership, determine a different time period is reasonably warranted under the circumstances. I was recently asked to participate in a supplier advisory board on behalf of Walmart. Would it be a conflict to participate?

When participating in supplier advisory boards on behalf of Walmart, be mindful of potential conflicts of interest, your obligation to avoid sharing private and confidential business information, and potential antitrust issues that can arise when you are together with competitors. To avoid the perception of favoritism, the decision to participate in any advisory board must be approved by your Executive Council member.

We should avoid financial conflicts of interests and make business decisions based on objective criteria. A financial conflict of interest can arise when your business judgment could be influenced or might appear as being influenced by the possibility of personal financial gain. Should I sell the stock? As a Walmart associate, you have a responsibility to make sure your personal financial activities do not conflict with your responsibilities at work. A conflict would exist if you have a substantial financial investment in a competitor.

Global Ethics will review your situation and offer you further direction on how to handle your stock ownership. Do I need to disclose this investment? A financial conflict of interest can arise when your judgment could be influenced, or might appear as being influenced, by the possibility of personal financial gain. Serving our customers means upholding our Every Day LowCost business philosophy and remaining impartial in our business relationships.

I have a friend who works for a Walmart supplier. I do not have a business relationship with this supplier, and he wants to give me a Christmas present. Should I accept this gift? Many associates have friends and neighbors who are suppliers to Walmart with whom they have no business relationship. In these situations, exchanging small customary gifts with friends and neighbors for Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, etc.

Common sense should apply in these instances. Use good judgment and ask yourself the following questions: If the answer to either of these questions is yes or maybe, then you should decline the gift. Our supplier offered us free t-shirts while attending a training session. Should we keep them? We decline gifts from our suppliers to remain objective and uphold our Every Day Low Cost business philosophy. The t-shirts should not be accepted since they are coming from a supplier with whom the team has a business relationship.

Politely decline the t-shirt and explain our gifts and entertainment policy to the supplier. One of my suppliers has offered to give me two tickets to an upcoming sporting event. Should I accept the tickets? Should I offer to buy the tickets? To ensure that you treat all of your suppliers fairly and make objective business decisions, you should not accept free tickets or purchase tickets from your suppliers.

Accepting free tickets from your supplier would be considered a gift. If you buy the tickets at face value, you may not be paying the actual fair market value of the tickets. The difference in the face value and the fair market value would also be considered a gift. Even if you paid fair market value for the tickets, you have access to the tickets because of your business relationship with your supplier; therefore, it would not be acceptable to buy the tickets from your supplier.

I serve on a supplier advisory board and will be attending an advisory board event. Should I cover the cost of attending the event? When attending an advisory board event, you should pay for all costs associated with attending the event. Accepting an offer to cover the cost of an event from a supplier over whom you have influence would be deemed a gift.

Associates should avoid employment or outside interests that may create, or give the appearance of creating, a conflict of interest. We avoid outside interests that create a conflict of interest in order to remain fair and objective in our decision making. Potential conflicts should be reviewed by your management team. Management associates may not work for a competitor. Hourly associates are not specifically excluded from outside employment with all competitors; however, they should be sensitive to potential conflicts of interest.

You should check with your management team to determine if the specific employment situation you are pursuing would be considered a conflict of interest with your Walmart position. You are still expected to adhere to Walmart's policies and procedures including those that protect our proprietary information from competitors.

If at any point you change positions at Walmart or the outside employer, you should speak with your management team to ensure that your new position does not create a conflict of interest. You may operate a side business as long as: For example, your business may not interfere with your Walmart job responsibilities, use company resources, compete with Walmart or reflect negatively on Walmart.

Associates may not work for a supplier if a business relationship exists with the supplier or they have direct or indirect influence over the supplier. In addition, if a store or club hourly associate also works for a supplier, the associate may not service his or her facility on behalf of the supplier. To make sure associates can perform effectively and achieve their full potential, we should avoid conflicts of interest.

That includes managing someone directly or indirectly with whom you have a family, romantic or dating relationship. I supervise an associate who does odd jobs on the side. I would like to hire the associate to do some work at my home. Is this okay? This situation requires a manager to think through all of the potential issues and use good judgment.

This particular situation could potentially create a real or perceived conflict of interest since the work done for you at home may appear to influence how you view your direct report at work. If you hire someone you supervise to do work on your home, the boundaries between work and personal life may become blurry and difficult to manage. For instance, if you are not pleased with the outcome of the work, it could impact your perception of the associate.

Finally, the associate may not want to do personal work for their manager for these same reasons, but may feel obligated to do so. Should I be friends with associates I supervise on social media sites? You should use good judgment when it comes to your involvement with other associates on social media websites. Engaging in social media sites with associates you supervise can blur the lines between work and personal life and potentially create a real or perceived conflict of interest.

This can make it difficult to remain fair and objective in your decision making at work. We encourage associates not to have social or other relationships with suppliers if the relationships would give the perception that a business influence is being exerted. We believe in basing our relationships with suppliers on efficient, fair and lawful business practices. The selection of suppliers must be made on the basis of objective criteria.

We should treat our suppliers with respect, fairness and honesty. Would it be a conflict of interest to date the supplier?

As members of the Dollar General team, we carry out our mission, Serving Others , .. situations we may face and directs us to key policies, procedures, laws and .. Dollar General prohibits managers from making advances towards or dating. As members of the Dollar General team, we carry out our mission, Serving policies referenced in this Code can be found on DGe or DGMe. prohibits managers from making advances towards or dating employees they.

Individual managers are usually great people who enjoy their jobs. Cashiers have the opportunity to work with customers all day long. Stocking occurs during the regular work day, causing stress on employees trying to meet unrealistic productivity goals while also being expected to drop everything and assist customers. Policies of identifying oneself at other stores because employees are dishonest.

Here's what people have asked and answered about working for and interviewing at Dollar Tree.

If you're willing to move up, the pay is decent for this field of work. Benefits are decent.

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Dollar General Employee Handbook Welcome to Dollar General You have joined one of the largest retailers in the country and we are glad to have you as part of our team. Since our Companys beginning in , the desire to serve others has been the driving force behind our growth and our strategy. In fact, Serving Others is our mission. At Dollar General, we have a deep respect and appreciation for our customers. We strive to serve their needs for quality merchandise each day in our more than 11, stores. Only through our more than , employees and the support of our mission can we exceed their expectations. From our Store Support Center to our distribution centers and the employees throughout our stores, every individual plays a role in helping ensure Dollar Generals success. This handbook is not intended as an exhaustive compilation of the Companys expectations, but rather it provides information on certain policies and benefits which are currently in effect.

Maintaining objectivity in our business relationships is essential to earning the trust of our stakeholders and promotingour culture of integrity.








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