Dating playing hard to get

Playing hard to get may seem pointless, but it's not. When done correctly, it gives the relationship a bit of extra excitement. The problem with playing hard to get is that it backfires sometimes. Everyone has different limits, expectations and definitions of love.

Why “Play hard to get” is terrible dating advice for women

Knowing how to play hard to get with a guy is the difference between becoming desirable and being overlooked. Guys may get frustrated when they have to put up with girls who play hard to get, but they too, would accept that they like it when girls play hard to get. What men like in women more than anything else ]. Why do they like it?

And how to learn to play hard to get, and make it work in your advantage? The right way to talk to a guy and make him like you ]. Firstly, you should know that playing hard to get gives men something to fight for. After all, men just have the most competitive and egoistic craniums in the history of the world. Along with the happy feeling of wooing this woman, a man also gets an ego boost.

It was him that she chose after all that playing hard to get, and not anyone else, so what does this make him in her eyes, an alpha male of sorts. How men really fall in love ]. Some girls play hard to get with a guy all the time, while some girls are overly friendly and flip their lid for the first guy who makes a move at them. Based on scientific studies, it is seen that men are not put off by either of these women. The selectively playing hard to get girl is usually happier in a relationship for a longer time, and would hardly ever get dumped or two-timed.

Two subsequent studies supported this idea. She is happy to date this special guy, she talks sweet with other men, but she declines dates from all other men and never really oversteps her boundaries. He respects her more, and each time he is with her, he realizes how lucky he is to have her around him. How to make a man fall in love with you ]. So we can safely say that the optimal strategy would be to give the impression that you have many offers for dates with other guys, but you refuse them, while indicating that you are willing to date the one guy in your life, although it will take some effort on his part to persuade you to completely give yourself in.

If you think about it, this makes sense. It is a much enjoyed ego boost for the man to know that he is dating a woman who could be with countless other men. How to get a guy to ask you out ]. Knowing how to play hard to get with a guy can be the difference between keeping a guy interested and losing him! Continue reading about the successful strategies of playing hard to get in how to make the chase game work for you.

Liked what you just read? E-mail to: Your Name: Your Email: Personalized Message: Find out here. I just wanted to say that I recently reconciled with a man I was dating and he was playing hard to get and I decided to break it off immediately. I consider myself ahead beyond those games and have no interest in people who feel they must appear different than they really are.

LOL for men playing hard to get. Men who play hard to get will end up with nothing but a woman who will play even HARDER to get… if you know what I mean… The bar will be closed, metaphorically speaking…. I understand that women want to be pursued, but there is a line that is often crossed when playing hard to get. All to often I have been turned off or completely confused by women who played these games. Believe it or not girls, guys like to know that someone is interested in them as well!

I use to enjoy the challenge in my younger days high school but now I prefer a woman who is straightforward and avoids playing mind games. The dating advice for men is exactly the same. This is stupid. It can so easily backfire on a guy on to the next one. And the end of the article basically says: This is not a good article. The hard to get thing is a part of high school or early college, but it has no place once you are in your mid twenties. It inevitably backfires.

A girl I really liked at work played hard to get for several months, to the point I became turned off and lost interest. I realized she wasnt genuine, and I found someone else quickly. Several months later she told other girs at work she wanted me back, but I had met someone better. To this day she is weird about the whole thing. Playing hard to get is a sign of immaturity and lack of self-esteem. More games? Alpha Male? I guess they get what they deserve. It gets the point across with how people are acting as non-adults if they start to play games essentially, and that theyre a childish way of attaining intimacy even in non sexual relationships.

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. Ummmmm if anything, guys are the pigs these days. All they want is sex and no relationship. Men genetically all think the same, some worse then others; but their all discousting the way they think. I will never let a man use me I use them i play their game on them! Some women play hard to get coz they dont want their hearts broken, personally i do it coz wen i love a guy, i really mean it……alot, seriously and i already got my heart broken in a million pieces and i dont want to go through that again so i just play hard to get so tht i can get over that guy i was actually starting to like, but i actually think it drows them closer,but its wrong wat we r doing and am sorry guys but some girls are just not ready to move on so they tend to play with u alittle and we r so sorry but thats wat keeps us going everyday,……………….

YOU, but dont think u can just use us like that. But its u and love that most girls women live 4….. And u should embrace that, so should we. This article is crap. Be down to earth, you get a shot at something working. Well, I have something to say to all the oversmart dumb men commenting here. Gosh, firstly, their stupidity and hypocrisy makes me laugh and annoys me at the same time.

Guys, let me ask you a question. What if you were the richest guy in the world, and one day, you decide to buy a car. What would you do? She can get any guy she wants! The best guys in the world enjoy a good chase because they like winning over women. Otherwise, go find a goat or a dog. Why do unworthy men always want everything served on a platter?!! Either of those are better than the pig that you quite clearly are Natasha. I really hope you fall for the wrong man and he beats seven bells of crap out of you.

That should adjust that entitled attitude of yours and so many other women these days. And guys like me, well, we laugh. You wanted to play a game… You damn well got it. Talk, ask a lot of questions, show him that you are interested and that you like him. Make him want you more. Just show him that you are doing something productive, you have something going on in your life, you are interesting. Make him want to find out more about you. Games have been played by both sides for eras, and very much of the time folks are not aware they are playing games.

Of course there are exceptions. There is a difference between playing games and playing hard to get. The thing is, women need to know how to play hard to get properly, and men need to know how to distinguish it from a girl that just wants to play mind games. If it was easy and straightforward, who would appreciate it for the special thing that it is?

And you know what? Being straightforward about my feelings and intentions has not done me a bit of good. Instead, I end up with MEN who like to play games. Go figure. Natasha, only young women can get away with that type of behavior. As women get older they lose their looks and value int eh dating market at a much faster rate than men. So after a woman reaches a certain age, she had better have matured and stopped playing these childish games because most decent men stop tolerating them after awhile.

They say women like smart men; perhaps this is the source of some of your frustration. A few points:. Ever hear that anything in life worth having, has to be worked for?

When it comes to dating, many of us shuffle the cards and play the game. Playing hard to get is a flirtatious, natural, fun, sometimes difficult. Following “The Rules” that state that you cannot seem too interested in a guy is probably the wrong way to go about getting your man. It seems that the dating world is full of guys being overly cool and girls being uncommonly cold. The guy or girl playing hard to get will still.

Increase how much he wants you. Want to boost his desire to get to know you? Playing hard to get only works if someone is at least a little bit interested.

As someone who wasted too much of my early twenties deliberating when to text back guys who didn't own a bed frame and routinely got "lost" in Starcraft , playing hard to get led me to a series of month-long, barely-committal appetizer relationships that left me constantly unsatisfied.

Being purposefully aloof might not be the best idea. You will probably have heard this classic piece of dating advice thousands of times: Play hard to get.

5 Ways To Play Hard To Get That Will Actually Work

As someone who develops education programs about relationships for medical professionals, I get all kinds of questions. Sometimes they're technical, related to the lessons, but other times they're the real frustrated kind—as if the lessons are an opportunity to vent about the current dating culture. Recently, a young lady in the back row challenged me with a series of pointed inquiries: Ah, where do I even begin? Because I cannot directly answer these questions, at least without making swooping generalities, I simply try and describe common feelings, turnoffs, and preferences men experience when dating. This is a more eloquent and organized version of what I told her.

The Scientific Reason Playing Hard To Get Actually Works On Most People

Though it might sound a little high school at first, playing hard to get comes with some serious benefits. To start, you'll need a coy look, your iPlum number , and some self-control after all, if he's cute, it's going to be hard to play it cool! For some reason, it's been engraved in our brains that guys are just too dumb to realize we like them, and it's up to us to let them know. I'm sorry, but We've made male romantic laziness a norm, and it needs to stop. Make him work for your attention because you deserve someone who's willing to put in some effort. If you worried that making him work might chase him off, then let him go. He wasn't worth your time anyway. Don't take everything he says as truth.

My mom, very much in love with my dad, told him she was moving home to Virginia. Romance at its finest!

Some scientists believe the principle of reciprocity is the single most important determinant of whether one person will like another. Skip navigation! In fact, the idea of playing hard to get probably ranks as one of the most popular dating tips of all time, but does it actually work? In the s, Elaine Hatfield and her colleagues conducted a series of experiments to test whether playing hard to get works.

How To Play Hard To Get with a Guy

Playing hard to get works. Treat them mean and keep them keen. So goes the saying, at least. While you probably don't want to treat the person you're playing with in a mean way, you do want to be distant, busy, and reserved. Just keep in mind that you are "playing" with somebody's emotions, so be gentle if you break their heart. Nevertheless, let the games begin! To create this article, people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Together, they cited 6 references. This article has also been viewed 1,, times. Featured Articles Getting a Date. Learn more. Learn more

Playing Hard To Get Doesn't Work But This Will

Brooke Lewis. So, Guys, take a few expert advice tips from a Lady who has been there: I know, we all hate the busy word. Guys, like you, women are busier than ever. More and more women are uber focused on their careers.

3 Ways Attractive Women Play Hard To Get (That Make Men Super Interested)

Playing hard to get is a flirtatious, natural, fun, sometimes difficult and intimidating course of attack. Cat-and-mouse is a natural high in the dating scene, and the rules of playing hard to get seem to be as follows: A gal or guy feels inclined to give off a somewhat "uninterested" vibe. It is exhilarating when your suitor works for your attention; after all, nothing absolutely spectacular was ever easily accessible. And both the chase and catch feel good! Working the confidence trump card shows you have your priorities in line and know what you want.

Playing hard to get might be a terrible idea if you actually like someone — here's why

Playing hard to get is the oldest dating 'trick' in the book, for sure. Whether it works or not is a totally different question, because while some people might love the thrill of the chase, others just value honesty. Here, 16 guys explain what they're really thinking when a woman they date plays "hard to get". Because it let me know right away that she was not mature enough to be in a relationship. Huge time saver. Otherwise, I am not in for some BS game. If she is actively making it more difficult to date her then I'll find someone else. If you act uninterested, I move on , not try harder.

Knowing how to play hard to get with a guy is the difference between becoming desirable and being overlooked. Guys may get frustrated when they have to put up with girls who play hard to get, but they too, would accept that they like it when girls play hard to get. What men like in women more than anything else ]. Why do they like it? And how to learn to play hard to get, and make it work in your advantage? The right way to talk to a guy and make him like you ].

Maybe you're the type who tends to take off first thing in the morning after a one-night stand, or who lies about your busy schedule in the week ahead, but doesn't indulge your prospective partner with the details. When dating, single people often deploy tactics like these to avoid coming off as clingy or desperate. Playing hard to get, the theory goes, makes you seem far more attractive. It might make you feel sly, but does that carefree attitude actually work to anyone's benefit? For decades, psychologists have been studying if and why playing hard to get can make people attracted to you, and several studies may help explain the psychology behind why we sometimes desire people who make us work harder for their attention. There are many ways to do this, but people playing hard to get most often act confident, talk to others, and withhold sex, according to research published in the European Journal of Personality —all of which "may reflect Withholding information about yourself—or at least, your feelings—can be similarly alluring, according to a recent study in Psychological Science.

Is She Playing Hard To Get?
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