I regret not dating her

There is a moment in your life when you do not expect it, it will hit you like a blow and you will notice what happened. You will think back to the time that is over and that you can never bring back. You will think of the woman who has long been gone and whom you have let slip as if there were nothing in it. Maybe a naked woman will be sleeping next to you.

Dating my Future Husband

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Jump to IGN Boards. Is there a girl in your past that you regret not asking out? Date Posted: May 15, 1. Last edited: May 15, Lightsout32 , May 15, Last edited by Lightsout32 , May 15, May 15, 2. May 15, 3. May 15, 4. But I have ones I regret asking out. May 15, 5. May 15, 6. Yes and to a lesser extent her sister. Satern , May 15, May 15, 7. Lightsout32 likes this. May 15, 9. Yeah, there was this one really cute girl in high school who was way into me, and I really liked her as well.

But we were both so awkward and diffident that we never told the other. I only found out she liked me a couple of years after high school when her best friend who was going to the same university told me about it. It pisses me off just thinking about it. RaiderOfTombs likes this. Bay , May 15, Last edited by Shallow. CrimsonToast , May 15, E , May 15, Yeah of course I do. Whoever says they dont probably hasnt ever tried.

TardyToTheParty , May 15, Naw but there was the one guy sophomore year of high school in my technologies class that was constantly flirting with me, trying to wrestle with me, etc. I was not out at the time so I wasn't about to ask if he was gay Turns out he is actually gay. Regret not getting on that. Mario93Killer , May 15, E likes this. WalletMadeOfHam , May 15, A couple of months ago a girl hit me up on Facebook lol , and after looking at her Facebook pics she was honestly not that attractive.

She said she goes to my school, but I had never seen her in person in real life and I never knew any of her group of friends I'm a Senior at a huge HS. Anyway I had a simple thanks, but no thanks Facebook convo with her and that was that. Today I say her in real life for the first time ever amazingly. She was not that bad looking, maybe a 7. Now I'm kicking myself for not talking to her more, and even contemplating talking to her again.

She ended up being hot in real life. Yeah, only 2. The first was in high school and the other was at my old job. BeAlone , May 15, TheDevil21 , May 15, CrimsonToast I know a lot of people like you irl. They have the same sense of humor, it's kind of confusing and it's a whole different outlook on life. Like take that extreme hardcore death metal you listen to.

JediMasterNinks , May 15, Nah but theres ones I regret asking out. Yep A girl who transferred at the end of 9th grade and this other girl I haven't spoken to in months but I guess theres still a possibility. Socom , May 15, JVgamer , May 15, One girl a few years ago. It's aight doe. I met my current girlfriend and I love her so its all good.

My senior year in high school there was this skinny blond with amazing huge tits and a quality face. I didn't know her, but one day my best friends gf stops me and introduces me to her and tells me she thinks I'm cute so we are going on a date. Shy and confused I look at her and then look at the blond who has a nervous smile on her face then she looks at her friend with a confused look.

I figured my friends girl was trying to play match maker and being an idiot wouldn't have been the first time. Didn't talk to that girl again nor did my friends gf ever bring it up again. Then a year later I was having a party and she showed up, she was a beer pong noob so we got on the same team. Then the cops showed up and we escaped out a window.

Anyway she was telling me how the year before she used to have a giant crush on me, but thought that I didn't like her based on that awkward 5 second exchange in the hallway after lunch. She had a boyfriend then and I've never seen her since. There was also this one buttaface borderline obsessive girl who was always telling me about her tits and trying to get me to go to a hotel with her despite knowing that I had a girlfriend.

Apparently despite only knowing her from class she talked about me quite a bit according to some others in the class and though she was def. Apr 7, Messages: Apr 7, Nice to see its not just me with this regret. My story goes back to high school, a girl I was nuts about, but being the easily embarrassed really shy type that I was then, I just couldn't say that I fancied her. Knowing that she was keen on me and waiting for me to make the move makes it worse.

Naturally if we had hooked up it might probably had crashed and burned straight away, but then again it could have been a life long thing, and sent my life into a completely different direction. I suppose it's that wondering "what would have happened if? Carl48a , Apr 7, There's a girl in my past that I do regret asking out. And because of the way that turned out, I'm definitely not regretting asking the others out. Bllasae0 , Apr 7, Indra39 , Apr 7, RobotPrototype , Apr 7, TheMaster99 , Apr 7,

We were from the same batch, freshers, college pass outs. Do you regret letting an amazing person leave your life? Will I ever regret not pursuing engineering later in life?. yes, I have a guy firned who had a "one that got away" and he has still been dating but doesn't forget about her completely. its sad sometimes, like when he gets.

Preparing for Marriage. I recently thought about this when I watched a film about an elderly woman who was on her death bed. While her daughters stood nearby, she talked in her sleep, dreamt of her youth and murmured about a young man named Harris.

I dated a girl for about months recently, but didn't take it very seriously I. She was totally justified in doing so.

I think all of us have seen those romantic movies where a woman stays faithful and loyally waits for her boyfriend to figure out what he wants in life. He may be on a heroic journey to save the planet, or it may be something as simple as getting his career in order.

Is there a girl in your past that you regret not asking out?

She was the love of my life. Selfless, kind, open, and unique. I honestly think I have never met a woman like her before, nor will I ever again. When I first met her I was young, in my early 20's, and dating someone else. It wasn't just her smile, pale skin, and bright red hair that caught my attention.

This is why every man regrets losing the one woman who waited for him to get his sh*t together

She valued her own happiness, of course, but she also valued yours, and that meant that she accepted your flaws along with all the things she liked about you. Maybe you let her go because the prospect of hooking up with whoever you wanted was more appealing than the prospect of committing to one person. No one will look at you the way she did. She saw all of your good and bad qualities mixed together and still thought you were a beautiful human being. The things that annoyed you will be the things you long for. Every time things went wrong, she put forth the effort to see how she could fix it. She never thought twice about all the things she did for you… and frankly, neither did you. You got so used to her treating you like gold that you began to think that she was the norm. Letting her go was like throwing away a precious gem that you thought was a penny.

We all know breakups are painful.

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9 Men Reveal Why They Regret Breaking Up With Their Exes

There are women who love you so much that they do not always know what is best for themselves. They will let you make mistakes over and over again. This kind of woman will wait for you, not out of ignorance, but because she believes that you can improve and grow as a person. She wants to be there for you. She will give you chance after chance as you try to find your way. Maybe in the movies, women in love wait forever. But in real life, once she is done, she is done forever. She will no longer able to be optimistic about your future together. She knows that she deserves the best, just like you deserve the best. Learn how to keep your relationship alive, click here and watch this free video from relationship expert, Amy North. She will begin to see that you take her energy and time for granted.

Men Share Their Biggest Love Regrets

All rights reserved. Ah, love. It makes us do the craziest things. And while it can fill us with complete happiness, it can also take us on a rollercoaster of emotions and leave us with a few regrets. But whether or not you wish you could go back in time and change something, these regrets and experiences shape who you are today.

Back when I was going to a community college back in a classmate of mine would always come up and talk to me about 15 minutes each day which lasted for about two weeks. About a week later she admitted to me that she liked me and I rejected her because I didn't really know her, didn't care to know her, and didn't care about dating still don't. Something weird that happened was before I rejected her she asked me if I had ever been on a date before. Kind of an odd question to ask if you ask me. Do I regret rejecting her? The day after I rejected her I seen her with another guy and she was acting very affectionate towards him.

Sometimes, you know if your heart that breaking up was the right call, even if it was tough to do. Other times, you end up seriously regretting your decision. These men have all been there. Here, they share the moments they've regretted breaking up with someone and not giving the relationship more time and attention. When I was finally able to see beyond my own ego, I realized that I failed to communicate openly and honestly about my true feelings for her and the situation we were in. I became the source of her hurt and pain, her heart becoming guarded and her skepticism of other men. As I was walking through all that history, I kept wishing I had someone to share it with. The only person I wanted to be with in that moment was the girl I just dumped.

If you are just joining me now for the first time…welcome! From the day he left we were texting and Facetiming non-stop. Literally non-stop. I would be in a big lecture and he wanted me to stay on Facetime with him. He would also FaceTime me at night too and wanted to stay on the phone until I fell asleep.

We dudes hurt too. We think about the ones who got away just as much as women do. I confused comfort with effort. What am I supposed to do, beg and grovel? That exact label makes you feel like you did something completely wrong because this person was somehow meant for you…and that feeling sucks. I guess I thought marriage and a wedding would change things, but even if it did, at least she would still be in my life.

Exactly What To Do When You Get Rejected (Gets You More Women)
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