Dating smith and wesson model 60

Why ? Series Name: Series Features: Frame Material: Some variants of the alloy guns contain Scandium for an even lighter overall weight.

Serial Numbers for dating

View Full Version: Smith and Wesson serial number search. Roy doesnt charge me, so I hate bothering him: A friend asked me to check on a gun his mother has inherited. It is a K, 6inch barrel, original grips. I think it is post-WWII The serial number is K xx. Thanks very much. Not very long ago, I was curious as to what year a revolver was made. He asked me what the serial number was, I told him. He said "let me look it up".

In less than 30 seconds he said it was made in I was planning on being sold a book or something. I'm not sure if I just lucked out and got the right person or what. Nonetheless, it was very reassuring that with all the calls they probably get a day he would politely take the time to lookup the information for me. Before ending the call I told him thank you very much and he replied "no problem, call us back if you need anything else".

You probably spoke to Roy. Can someone help me with identifying the model and age of a revolver i recently inherited? You can confirm that by swinging the cylinder out and looking at what's stamped on the frame inside the yoke cutout. Interesting - second K we've had in the last few days. In the unlikely event that either you or Elkins45 is interested in selling, I'd be prepared to make you a very handsome offer on the gun the production year is the same as mine, and I'd really like to have at least one revolver from that year.

You can confirm that by swinging the cylinder out and looking at what's stamped on the frame inside the yoke cutout" Looks as if it's a Model Can anyone please help me with the date on a Model with the serial number starting 17d8xxx?? Thanks for any help. Looks as if it's a Model Yes, that makes sense. Sorry, that was my oversight - I forgot the Model 13 is also included in that serial number sequence. The 13 and the 65 are basically the same gun, just blued and stainless, respectively.

Would be very near the end of - the last SN that year was 17D Would be very near the end of - the last SN that year was 17D Thanks. I recently inherited a revolver from my grandfather. It is a. I'm not sure what model it is. Any info would be great. Your gun is known as a "5-screw" because there are 4 screws holding on the side plate one hidden under the left-hand grip and an additional screw in front of the trigger guard.

Model 27s and especially the pre-model. Would be very near the end of - the last SN that year was 17D Out of curiousity, any idea how many were produced in ?? The serial is close enough to that I'd bet it were made in December, and I was born in December of that year. I'd like to figure out how many were produced during the year so I could get a per day average and see how close it is to my birthday. I am new to this forum and new to hand guns in general.

It was given to him years ago by the wife of an ex police officer. She had it several years after his death and then passed it on to dad. I was trying to date it and find out what I could. Left side of the barrel Out of curiousity, any idea how many were produced in ?? Serial numbers that year ran from 9D to 17D - I have no idea if each sequence was fully used, i. Further complicating the issue is that the same serial number sequence was being used simultaneously for about 7 different revolver models.

However, I think your logic is pretty sound, so if it were me I'd say the revolver was made in the same month I was born - i. I do not believe that the factory letter will give you an actual production date. It may give the exact date that the gun was shipped, but that's obviously not the same thing. Almost certainly a Model 10, also known as the. The gun dates from , and will have the model number stamped on the part of the frame that's exposed the "yoke cutout" when you swing the cylinder out.

I think you'll find that it's a Model 10 or same gun with tapered barrel or heavy barrel, respectively. There is an additional "S" after the SN where it is stamped under the barrel. The number ends too close to the edge of the bottom of the grip to be included there. My father was a perfectionist and cherished his firearms so it's in mint condition. Inside of the barrel is like new. Also was given all of his boxes of shells.

Remington KleanBore gr. He taped the boxes, I am guessing to keep moisture from degrading them? Only he knows. One box of flat head lead. How long to shells keep until they become unsafe? Thank you. Could anyone date a Model 17 for me? I am too far away to get the book soon! Thanks in advance! You have a postwar. Note that "38 Special CTG" is the cartridge the gun is chambered for. CAW thanks. The gun shop thought it was an early 's example Not even close.

Ha, thanks for the info. I knew it was in great shape for a 50 year old revolver. Model 66 4k17xxx Any information that you have would be greatly appreciated. And yes, that's a real good price. Since the gun has been customized I can't give a price guess. Model 66 4k17xxx Did you and sevenpoint above shop together? The model 66 is the stainless steel version of the model 19 with production starting in I have come across 2 smith 36 snub nose revolvers and was wanting some info.

Serial xx http: Jim, Thanks for your help , I really appreciate it. Azguy and i didn't go shopping together, I think he was just trying to help out, thanks btw. Shot about 20 rounds through the gun today really liked it. Ya'll have a nice evening. Serial Number is , and also has an S and a V stamped on the bottom. Any Information would be much appreciated. I have always been curious, and just recently inherited It due to my father passing away.

Thanks to anyone who can help. Thanks Jim Your help is very much appreciated. Like sevenpoint said, we didn't shop together. I just inherited my Model 66 a few days ago from my father. Serial xx You have a. Serial numbers ran from in to in AZguy, Sorry to hear about the trajedy in Tucson. I just moved here from Tucson in Sept. Are you aware of the recall on this model? I could spend the next several weeks searching this thread to find the info, so sorry if it is here somewhere.

Am I right?

Is there any easy way to find out when a gun was made by serial number? a model 60 SS revolver sn XX. Hello. Can anyone tell me the manufacture year for my model 60? It has the serial number xx. Thanks in advance.

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It was the first revolver produced from stainless steel. The Model 60 has a swing-out cylinder, and features an exposed hammer. It has been in production since , and holds the distinction of being the first regular production all stainless steel revolver ever made.

Smith dates, model numbers and SNs.

View Full Version: Ms B just got one of her Dad's spare service revolvers from his estate. This Model 60 is a SS snub nose. Wiki says it's the first regular production SS revolver and the reviews call the early ones 'classic' and all gave it very high marks. Question is, what exactly is it?

SW model 60, is it +P

G33 Feb 15, There is quite some give or tolerance in all these numbers. That will give you the ship date, to where, the configuration as it left the factory and some other stuff. For those of us where rough time is OK: Smith has routinely used left over parts to build transitional models, short run orders and what-not. SNs are issued in order sometimes. They have been known to go back and use fill numbers not used many years ago. Mod numbers M etc. I was so excited once when I called Mr.

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View Full Version: Smith and Wesson serial number search.

Smith & Wesson Model 60

Discussion in ' Firearms ' started by appraiser , Oct 9, Log in or Sign up. Mar 14, Messages: Is there any easy way to find out when a gun was made by serial number? Apr 29, Messages: Respectfully, jkelly. Apr 30, Messages: Burliington, MA. The Goose , Oct 9, Western Mass.

A Guide to Smith & Wesson .38 Special & .357 Magnum Revolvers

Discussion in ' Firearms ' started by Pilgrim , Jun 5, Log in or Sign up. Aug 24, Messages: I borrowed this from a thread on Highroad. Identifying features:

A Look Back at the Smith & Wesson J-Frames

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Smith & Wesson Model 60
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