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Camp is a community that stands for a lot of freedom in a wholesome, outdoor environment. Campers will depend on you to show the responsible way children and young adults live and think. Your actions will help set standards for their lives — for what kind of individuals they will be. It is no small responsibility.

25 Things Only Camp Counselors Will Understand

Camp Wa-Klo is a traditional 2, 3, 4, or 7 week residential summer camp for girls located in New England and the gorgeous state of New Hampshire. With an outstanding staff, beautiful facilities, strong programming, and quality instruction, we provide girls with a positive summer camp experience in a safe place where they feel comfortable and cared about.

Wa-Klo is a unique camp community where girls feel secure to be their amazing selves and a place where they can meet new challenges with the strong support of others and the sense of accomplishment. Camp Wa-Klo for Girls is a magical sleep-away camp with a diverse community. Deciding to work at a camp for the summer can be a very fun and exciting decision. There are a myriad of questions that you may want to ask and it is important for you to ask them. These are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Start and end dates vary for all staff members. If hired, start and end dates will be described on the individual contract. Early to Mid-June: Support staff arrival for Cultural Exchange Visitors Lifeguarding class begins. Most frequently climbed mountain in the world! Counseling staff works directly with the campers in bunks and activity periods; whereas, support staff functions mostly behind the scenes cooking, cleaning, and other duties.

However, all staff have the same priority: Most of our support staff girls come from out of the country and live at camp; most of our maintenance staff are men from the community who come in during the day to do their job. Camp Wa-Klo continues their legacy with Virginia Maurer and Susan Chenet at the helm as it welcomes girls from all over the United States as well as from all corners of the globe.

Research tells us that in social and learning environments, girls tend to defer to boys and teachers often favor male students. In our single-gender community, we eliminate those attitudes and the social pressures of dating. The all-girl environment encourages campers to have fun, not be concerned about how they look, take supportive risks and develop at their own pace in a positive way.

We are proud of the fact that we have achieved the rigorous standards of the American Camp Association. Our campers come from all regions of the United States as well as from all over the world. They come from different cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds and all bring something special to our beautiful Camp Wa-Klo. Yes, we love to sport our Wa-Klo green and whites for the summer!

All staff and campers wear uniform. We like to concentrate on having fun at camp, not what we have to wear! You will need to bring your own plain white t-shirts, a pair of white shorts and a black one-piece bathing suit to camp to complete the counselor uniform. Laundry is provided and is sent to an off-camp service once a week. A typical day for a counselor starts at about 7: After an all bunk clean-up, there are three morning activity periods followed by lunch at After lunch, the entire camp takes time to write letters, play games, nap, read, or just relax with friends around the bunk during rest hour.

There are two more activity periods in the afternoon and, at 5: After supper, a variety of wacky and fun evening activities take place and can include anything from talent shows, bunk skits, movie night, plays, scavenger hunts, campfires and more. After the evening activity, bunks head back to their cabins for lights out time depends on age. The older campers will often have a post-evening activity. A typical day does change depending on your role at camp.

Meals are a time for coming together, conversation, songs and fun. Girls sit in age groups while counselors change tables each week. Meals are served family style, and one day a week campers may sit anywhere they wish. Our food service makes it a priority to ensure we serve quality and healthy food for everyone. As a result, everyone agrees, the food is great! Favorites include homemade pizza, wraps, desserts and cook-outs. Of course, we offer alternatives to meet dietary or vegetarian needs.

We also offer a salad bar at lunch and dinner. This consists of a very thorough staff training to prepare you for the summer ahead. Of course! Being there for the kids is what being a counselor is all about! You will be living in a bunk, most likely with at least one other staff member, with about girls in a cabin. During the day, you will be at your specialty area, instructing an activity, and during non-activity periods, you will be with your group of wonderful, young Wa-Klo girls.

Support Staff does not live with campers. Cabins are pine paneled with electricity and bathrooms. The cabins are clean, spacious, and well kept. We are very proud to offer outstanding living and activity facilities. Showers are located in shower houses with individual stalls. We believe you do your best job when you have time to yourself and therefore give counselors one activity period of each day and one 24 hour day off each week excluding the last week of camp for a total of 8 days.

Unless a counselor is sitting O. On Duty , counselors may leave camp most nights after All staff have a curfew of Support Staff does not have O. What is the difference between counseling and support staff? When was Camp Wa-Klo founded? Why is Wa-Klo an all-girls camp? Where do the campers come from? Is Camp Wa-Klo a uniform camp? Will I have uniform provided for me?

What is a typical day like? What are the meals like? What are the dates for the summer? Where do most counselors come from? Like our campers, our staff comes from all around the world!!! Will I live with campers? What are the accommodations like? When do I get paid? Salary will be paid every 2 weeks. What time off will I get?

If you've ever found yourself dating someone who's spent many summers as a camp counselor, then boy you're in for a treat. Camp counselors. 32 CAMP COUNSELOR SECRETS. DISCLAIMER: HEY . Keep up to date with my blog posts by following me on BlogLovin! Follow: Share.

Highly adept at planning, executive, and supervising camp activities, including arts and crafts, sports, and wilderness walks. Strong interpersonal communication skills with success in coordinating multidisciplinary camp leaders to achieve developmental benchmarks and sustaining camp missions and programs. Crafting a Summer Camp Counselor resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. View All Counselor Resumes. Create My Resume.

If you've ever found yourself dating someone who's spent many summers as a camp counselor, then boy you're in for a treat.

By Anna Davies. Cabin raids and fireside singalongs may be more than a fun way to spend the summer — they may be the ingredients for finding The One.

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Sunday, January 20 A great day to come and meet counselors, families, and directors! Some restrictions may apply; registration must be done in person. Cannot have been a member since July 31, Every child belongs at our J camps and deserves the opportunity to take risks and accept new challenges. Camp is where we grow and develop these crucial life skills.

Proof you’ll find The One at summer camp

When I speak with friends who work in other industries, I always tell them that if you have an applicant who has been a camp counselor and has a positive reference from that camp, they should move to the top of that pile of applications that are overflowing on their desk. A camp counselor is one of the hardest jobs out there. It is not all fun and games. Here is my list of the top 10 qualities you get when you hire someone who has been a camp counselor:. A good communicator: Camp counselors have to be able to communicate well with children, parents, co-workers, and superiors. This is different from any other job because parents leave the most valuable thing in their lives with us, their child. At our camp they have about 10 minutes to speak to the counselors and feel confident in them before they leave their perfect child with them for two weeks. That minute conversation is one that will have a lasting impact on that parent. If a child is sick or homesick that same counselor is the one to call the parent to update them on the situation and ensure them that their baby is safe and being well cared for.

Secrets Of A Great Camp Counselor — Our summer camp for girls and boys is only as good as the men and women who lead it.

By Anna Davies. Cabin raids and fireside singalongs may be more than a fun way to spend the summer — they may be the ingredients for finding The One. Plus, he adds, the anticipation of only seeing people once a summer can amplify emotions.

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I went to a sleepaway 'dating' camp for adults — and it was a nonstop frat party for 3 days

Let's face it, if you were a kid and you got to "get your camp on" chances are it was a blast. You probably went down some water slide, kayaked across the lake, had fun engaging in lots of messy games, and a long the way you probably made life long friendships. But one of the greatest things about getting your camp on is this: When you find your spouse or significant other who got their camp fix as a camp counselor, you know you got yourself a good one. Here are 15 other reasons you should consider dating someone who used to be a camp counselor:. Some of their best friends come from all over the country, state, and the world. If there is anyone who knows how to maneuver the long distance relationship thing its them.

Ah, summer camp: First Day of Summer Camp demonstrate, young love is as much a part of summer camp as bunk inspections and trips to the lake. In honor of the final days of summer, we talked to nine couples several from the same camp who prove that a summer camp romance can be exhilarating, romantic and embarrassing, all at the same time — and sometimes, they can last long after the buses head back down the mountain. One week into camp "In camp time, a day is like a week, a week is like a month, etc. Then they made it official or at least, official in camp terms. Shortly after we left the staff lounge and he walked me back to my bunk.

What happens when you put or so young people together for a prolonged period of time? And summer camp is no exception. You are going to make friends at camp. Awesome friends. But there are also those relationships that start at camp and continue long after those two people stop returning to camp. But it always needs to come second to your kids.

Coffee Meets Bagel. So when I got an email from the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel inviting me to their very first sleepaway camp for singles, I was intrigued. Instead of conventional dates with forced smiles and small talk, I could be singing along and roasting s'mores on a campfire — and maybe hitting it off with someone. I would also get to fulfill my childhood dream of going to summer camp, which unfortunately wasn't too big a concept in India, where I grew up. But I was as apprehensive. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about whisking myself away to the woods for three whole days with a bunch of random strangers.

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