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Bartholomew, more than Ordnance Survey, concentrate on the traveller- The Railway traveller at first and the Road traveller in the 20th century. Red flags marking distance became a feature of their road maps. County borders are also well defined and the whole effect is a much more colourful piece of lithographic cartography than an equivalent OS piece. It has, perhaps one visual fault, that is: Very unfussy and uncomplicated border legends also add to its attractiveness.

The Bartholomew Archive

Vintage, antiquarian, collectable books, maps, cigarette and tea cards. Our stocks include some very unusual maps Search Our Store: Click on any image to enlarge. Map Dates: As well as being purchased for reasons of family research, nostalgia and for general use many of our maps are destined for collectors or those with specialist interest, such as local history, genealogy or cartographers. Our stocks of 1: Bartholomew are also known for their early town plans as well as their world-wide series and we usually have a number of interesting examples on sale.

We understand that for many of our customers, it is not enough simply to know the series, sheet number, name and approximate condition of the map and so our descriptions include, where known, the latest revision date and, where given, the print code as well as a condition report indicating any specific flaws. Ordnance Survey: The date we include in the title is usually the last revision date of the specific example being sold.

On later maps we also usually include the revision code in the description. All OS maps have a date on them somewhere. Here is a typical example of the date and revision information on an Ordnance Survey Popular Edition map from the early 20th Century. There are also reprint dates, giving the quantity and year of each reprint. This level of detail can be invaluable information for the railway enthusiast and for the general researcher. In the title of this map, which is sheet , East Kent, we give the date as as this is the last date at which changes to the map were made.

But we also include all the other dates, including reprint details, in the description so that the researcher and collector alike can see exactly what is on offer. Bartholomew and Geographia: Prior to around Bartholomew maps included a code, usually in the top left corner, which indicates the year of publication. For example A34 would indicate publication in the first half of and B28 would indicate the second half of The illustration left shows the bottom corner of a map of Huddersfield by Geographia with the code CC.

BL and so this map was November Overseas maps: Undated continental and other maps from around the world use various methods of research — see below Other and Undated maps: Without detailing all the possible indicators, there are many ways to arrive at a date for a map which has a different or no code or no date printed on it. Copyright All Rights Reserved. Home Maps Observer's Books Old magazines and newspapers.

Readers are recommended to view the site on-line by this historian. A BRIEF GUIDE TO DATING BARTHOLOMEW MAPS: Bartholomew map. I recently picked up an old Bartholomew's map of Merseyside ("dissected and mounted on cloth"). While trying to figure out how old it was.

Published by Bartholomew Neville Chapman Bacup, United Kingdom. Seller Rating:

Historic Maps of Ireland from the Library of Congress. Ireland from Maps.

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Revised Half Inch Contoured Maps by Bartholomew

Kupferdruck ; 17 x 24 cm Mercator Cloppenburgh Vltoniae orientalis. An inset in the lower right hand corner shows the fortification of Fort Mount Norris. It is a remarkably detailed pen and ink rendering of the area between Lough Neagh and Dundalk. Details include vignette view of fortifications, fortified towns and churches, mountains in elevation, the names of local chieftains and plans of forts. This event explains why English topographical knowledge of this area suddenly increased in the first years of the 17th century.

Old maps of Essex

This page is of particular value to researchers who need direct access to the archive inventories. If you are less familiar with these resources, visit our Contents and access page for more information. The business records inventory contains all records created by the Bartholomew firm. Maps and atlases and copper plates are listed separately. Two interactive Bartholomew resources new from December use half-inch maps with colour layering:. Typical of cartographic publishers, the Bartholomew firm rarely printed publication dates on its maps. Because of this it is often necessary to look for other clues. Since his departure, some of the contact details referred to have changed:. Using these resources, you can often discover not only the year but even the actual day of printing. The Bartholomew Archive Resources In this section you will find:

Collins Bartholomew , formerly John Bartholomew and Son , is a long-established map publishing company originally based in Edinburgh , Scotland. It is currently a subsidiary of HarperCollins.

Vintage, antiquarian, collectable books, maps, cigarette and tea cards. Our stocks include some very unusual maps

Bartholomew's, chwarter modfedd, 1913

Seller's Code: No War Series suggested because airfields are redacted. From the: A short description of this old map: This map is in very good condition and about years of age. The question must be: Cambridge is marked here as the south part of the county, with the Isle of Ely shown as a separate county. Huntingdonshire is still independent with a detached part of it in Bedfordshire. All around is Essex- a reasonable part of the North West county; Suffolk, with that strange detached part just west of Newmarket; Norfolk- just a fen region in the north east of the map; Northamptonshire showing the county town and Kettering; Buckinghamshire and a small part of Hertfordshire around Letchworth and Baldock.

Collins Bartholomew

The information for Bartholomew's maps below has been taken from two web sites as at 28 October ; links open in new windows: The half-inch maps proved popular with the public: Dating a Bartholomew Half-inch map can be problematic. In some cases it may only be possible to establish an approximate date of publication, by using other data on the sheet: Scotland England Great Britain s Other clues: Before no date was included on the map and one has to make an estimate from the information depicted, or possibly by the advertising on the map covers. In some cases a 4 digit job number is given, usually against the margin in the bottom left corner, which can be identified from Bartholomew company records now held by the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Old maps of Essex

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Dating Bartholomew's Maps

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Ymddangoswyd mapiau cyntaf yng nghyfres Bartholomew hanner-modfedd o Loegr a Chymru yn , ar gyfer "Tourists and Cyclists", seiliedig ar data yr O. Er hynny, daw'r rhanfap hwn o fersiwn chwarter-modfedd: Dyma rhan dpi o'r plwyf a'r ardal gerllaw. Mae tudalen diddorol ar sut i ddyddio mapiau Bartholomew ar http: The Bartholomew's series of half-inch maps for "Tourists and Cyclists" started to appear for England and Wales in , based on O. This map, however, is from a quarter-inch version: It probably dates from the date letters B13 are at the bottom of the sheet - it is certainly post as it shows the Duncan Street address for Bartholomews.

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