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Every March, industry enterprises showcase here, establishing and maintaining business relationships. On cippe, we expect to see more international enterprises get in connect with their target customers. We will specifically invite potential customers to meet you on-site. If you are supplier, please fill in your products for us to searching correct matching companies. Customized purchasing service to meet target suppliers;. Company logo print on cippe Post Show Report and marketing materials placing at matchmaking area;.

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Home Business Matchmaking. Business Matchmaking sex dating norge One of the most significant landmarks of the CIT track of activities is Business Matchmaking program. Business Matchmaking program is a public-private initiative led by CIT in support of raising sales opportunities for small businesses in the 4 main sectors of ICT industry in Egypt. For the past years, CIT has produced many regional face-to-face selling events, plenary seminars and workshops as well as ICT conferences. The CIT Business Matchmaking team has developed a good list of key resources providing essential information, necessary support and guidelines let you start growing your business.

This section will continue to be updated with new resources available freely to small businesses that we think will best benefit both your growth and expansion. CIT Business Matchmaking program has enabled more than 50 small businesses to maximize their sales by means of the contracts granted. CIT Business Matchmaking enables member companies to: Connect with the right partners and prospects.

Building strong relationships with local businesses in the ICT industry. Connect to the right busyness partners and prospects. Maximize your business development efforts and save time in partner searches. Partner Search Identify potential partners and get detailed company reports. Determine the marketability of your product or service. Personalized Business Matchmaking Meet sales representatives, and business partners.

Leverage customized market briefings, research, and advice. Trade Shows Take part in the best local and global exhibitions. Display your services and products in the best manner. In-Country Promotions Leverage customized venues to reach potential partners and buyers. Advertise in our official newsletter sent to about 40, national and international companies.

Business Matchmaking.

​Business to Business Matchmaking Services and Trade Mission Organisation The Copernicus team are dedicated to providing our Clients with business. Thinking about expanding your IT business to the Netherlands? Our business matchmaking services will help you find the right partners and.

Save your valuable time and money finding pre-qualified buyers, distributors, licensees, and other business partners with the assistance of our commercial specialists. Let us locate the most qualified Colombian partners for your company! A list of Colombian companies tailored to your needs can be the first step on your road to success. We provide the pre-screened list of contacts; you follow up with them directly.

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Partner Search helps you find the most suitable distributor, agent or wholesaler. Sales Strategies and Marketing Support help you to evaluate the pros and cons and formulate an action plan. We have a broad expertise and assist with Trade Missions from any sector or industry.

Matchmaking Isn't Just for Dating. It's a Model for Many New Businesses.

Have you considered the Netherlands as a possible market for your IT business expansion but stalled because of the investment needed? There is an easier and more profitable way to enter the market and Cloudsuppliers. Our business matchmaking program could be perfectly suited to all business sizes — from IT start-ups to international corporations and is adapted according to your needs and requirements — together with your business representatives, we will define what kind of contacts could be the most profitable for you. With our event support we can make sure your people can focus on the new clients while we make sure the facilities and the press are there where you want them to be at a time you want them to be there! Finishing up an event you are always looking for the right ROI.

Business Matchmaking

As the Irish football team lined out against the Czech Republic for the crucial Euro qualifier in Prague last September, it wasn't the only match taking place in the Czech capital that day. At the same time, Enterprise Ireland was hosting a number of receptions and networking events for clients and local buyers in Prague in conjunction with the tie. The events were just among a number of business matchmaking trade missions hosted by the state body each year. And it's not just Enterprise Ireland that hosts business matchmaking events. A total of 12 Irish companies in a number of sectors -- IT, machinery manufacturing, building materials and environmental protection -- are taking part. Much like the traditional matchmaker who did the groundwork, made the introductions and prepared the way for a bride and groom to get married in years past, Enterprise Ireland and other agencies and smoothing the way for Irish businesses to link up with like-minded firms or distribution companies in foreign fields. We are assessing the parties' suitability both in terms of potential distribution, how good are they, what kind of coverage have they got, how credible are they in the market. But we are also assessing the Irish company's potential to sell here.

If you are part of a small and medium business SMB and have never heard of Business Matchmaking, then this is the right place for you to get started. So, what is Business Matchmaking?

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Are you in search of an effective business partner and do you wish to save time and money and avoid risks? Are you seeking equipment for your production or processing operation, or are you in search of traders for your export products? Are you a supplier, seeking to establish joint ventures with international partners in your domestic market? For all these challenges, you can work with HollandDoor, your independent party to identify, screen and meet partners. You might be interested in a single transaction, for instance import or export of equipment, seeds, knowledge or products. We assist in screening, contacting and arranging visits and meetings. We add value through our national and international expertise in the agricultural sector and through our thorough understanding of your particular request. Identifying potential partners starts with a crystal-clear description of your business, background and plans. Following a detailed intake, we start by determining the marketability of your products, services or the potential strategic partners. We interview them and we provide you with a detailed shortlist. Together we decide which contacts we should approach to initiate further communications.

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Our Business Partner Search service is also a tailor-made solution and a hands-on approach to market entry. This service is designed to assist your company in finding, researching and establishing contact with potential partners in our markets. We conduct a full market scan to identify relevant companies. These can be your potential distributors, JV partners, suppliers, customers, outsourcing partners etc. Usually, our partner search service includes the following main elements:. At the end of a partner search project our clients receive a final partner search report that summarises our work performed during the project and responses received during communications with potential local partners, provides a short market insight and lists company profiles of the most suitable partners interested in co-operation. The cost of this service depends on the level of detail requested by a client for profiling potential partners and particular service elements included in the project.

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Chocoa hosts several business events: Hundreds of cocoa and chocolate professionals partake in these events in order to get connected and do business. See an overview of all our business events here. These events are excellent opportunities for meeting new business relations. It is very easy to use and makes it easy to connect to people you would have missed otherwise. Chocoa business visitors and participants will receive an email with the login credentials.

As an ISPC member you could use our matchmaking services to meet qualified buyers and sellers in Indonesia and the ASEAN region, schedule meetings and strengthen your business relationships. B2B matchmaking is a highly focused form of B2B networking that has become a valuable and integral part of many businesses. In as little as minutes, entrepreneurs and business professionals can identify and launch potentially rewarding B2B cooperation and business partnerships. B2B matchmaking is a fast and easy way to introduce your business to both potential partners and new markets. We offer our full support to our clients. We create matchmaking events from concept to execution, ensuring that sessions run according to your needs. IFP Group can recommend a variety of creative and distinctive settings that can be adapted to productive business environments. Be ISPC member and get benefits of 1 Trade data update, 2 Access to members list, 3 Business to Business match facility, 4 Special rate for trade advisory, 5 Special rate on training program, seminar, and conference.

Whatever your need may be, our expertise in the legal field and our many professional contacts can help you find new business opportunities. All clients have their own particular concerns, so this service can be adapted to suit your specific situation, through careful consultation about your needs. This service includes: This customized and unique service is the culmination of over 30 years of experience, integrity and success that have made Groupe Montpetit a leader in legal recruitment and a true business partner for our clients. We cherish the trust our clients have shown us throughout the years and this new service is the outcome of our ongoing collaboration. Business Matchmaking Services. Individualized strategic coaching to discover new business opportunities In response to client demand, we are proud to offer a business matchmaking and strategic coaching service.

Exhibition Masterclass Destination Africa Copernicus Consulting Group is a strategic planning consultancy which takes a structured, targeted approach to the creation and organisation of international trade missions to a target market. Copernicus is a commercial organisation. As such we recognise the necessity for an organising body to deliver a clear return on the investment they make when bringing a trade delegation in to a demanding new market. In order to ensure the success of your trade mission a dedicated senior consultant with experience in your market sector will be tasked to lead the project and to deliver the quality and quantity of opportunities that are agreed at the brief acceptance stage. A trade delegation is measured by the value of profitable business opportunities that come to fruition for the delegates.

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